Show us your 22s

Why training, why not just shooting?

Technique training for f-class and the like.

Went into the shop for ammo and saw them unboxing this, one look and the spare pta was gone.

I saw the barrel bling on the site where I bought the 1.5lb trigger spring and couldn’t resist it.

Weird thing though, with it and the locking nut on, it wouldn’t shoot anything well, with the bling and no nut it shoots tighter than out of the box.

Where did you find spring kit and blog for it? Link please :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’m doing this correctly…

Apparently not.

Take 2

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Cool, got it. What about the bling?

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Another bling thing, when I first fired with it I thought oops this might be illegal.

I used a sound meter app and did some tests with subs, 10 with and 10 without.
Without averaged 94db, with averaged 94.5 because there was one 100db in the string.

It’s like the difference between someone talking with their back to you and someone doing the same with their hands cupped around their mouth to project the sound.
The fact that it seems to sweeten the harmonics is an unexpected boner, er bonus.

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We are all about unexpected boners here (while we are on topic).

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I have a couple like them on my phone, would they pass the sniff test for an ambiguous picture topic?

Mmmm probably pushing it lol but, there is a private section. Forum software evaluates when to let you in…

Fair enough, :beers:
Always best to ask before taking your shirt off at the dinner table, eh.

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@JizzFlinger this is what a polite person looks like!

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Jizz never had a shirt, or pants for that matter!

Click, ding!


The best of Tikka!

I believe so as well

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That was my 17 REM Tikka M55! T3s are no comparison i believe…