Show us the stuff you made pic's required ...

We do. See, I am only just asking politely.

…but I don’t have to ask: LMAO :laughing:

I’ve seen some choice knife work here, well done.

Like many, after getting hooked on the FiF series I’ve been teaching myself to make a few things, but I’ve still got my training wheels on and haunting Ewe Chewb.

I built a three burner forge, an anvil out of 3 lengths of railway line, a flatter from a 3in long piece of rail with some inch and a half pipe for a handle and bought an 82in grinder.
I also built an electro-etching/marking machine and a Kydex press from more scrap.

I like the idea of repurposing stuff so the only new materials are the brass pins and the Kydex and its fixings.

This is one of my first efforts, my take on an Arabic style, made from a tyre iron with spotted gum from deck offcuts.

This is my first attempt at a guthook hunter, made by stock removal from a solid chainsaw bar.
To my great surprise, when I acid dipped it to get a satin finish it brought out the pattern below.

My sister asked me to make a pig sticker for her future son in law, he says “It will keel”

The latest little project was turning this piece of car leaf spring

Into this letter opener

The Kydex sheaths are easy but they scratch if you don’t get the internal spacing right.

I did this etch on my first axe on the weekend


Great job mate.
Making my own knife is definitely on my bucket list.

Nice work, How did you go about doing that etch?


It’s not as hard as I first thought.

I made the power source from a transformer from an old halogen down light that converts 240v 10A AC to 12v 1A DC, ran the current through a bridge rectifier to give me a 12v 1A AC current for marking as well as the DC for etching and ran them through a 3 way switch to 2 sets of different coloured leads.

For electrolyte I just use saline, it’s perfect for etching but the marking hasn’t been as successful and I’m looking for a different recipe for that.

I cut 3in off the pointy end of a chainsaw file and sharpened the point. I stab this into the head of a cotton bud, tape them to keep it stable, dip in the saline, clip the positive DC to the job and the negative to the file, power on and you’re etching.

Here’s the thing, to etch like the deer on the axe you need stencils.
Luckily, Brother have a label printer you can use to print them yourself.

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