Show us the stuff you made pic's required ...

I’ll start it off with my latest build, a 2x72 inch belt grinder for knife making etc…


Some really nice fab work there. Looks good.

Nice job mate!


For serious cast bullet shooters only…who demand precision bullets!
Came up pretty good I think!


Nice job mate, looks really good. I like the nice turned handle, wood turning is one of my favorite pastimes. :slight_smile: I get a lot of enjoyment and ideas from looking at useful stuff that people make themselves, so thanks for posting that. :sunglasses: :beers:

Btw… I’ll bet you get some orders for these, from the casting mob on here.:sunglasses:


@darwindingo…the wooden handle is from a Lee 6 cavity mold. I made the rest though. Thanks!

Ok, its still cool mate, hey if ya ever need some turned handles for somthing like that, just pm me and I may be able to help ya out mate… :beers:

Also @Gwion, I’m looking at fabricobling a gas forge. Any advice and pics of burners etc… would be greatly apreciated mate. :beers:


Thanks @darwindingo, I may just take you up on that…I will confirm some sizes.

Here’s one I bunged out for a lathe tool, Its nothing fancy but it will do the job… :slight_smile:

btw… what cad you use.?. And do you have ya own laser cutter? Thats a pretty serious bit of kit, especially if you a home gamer… :sunglasses:

On a side note, @Cavallino pretty sure you could post something that I’m going to like… :slight_smile: Btw… forget adopting JS, he prefers to get a soy latte than change hs own car tyres. Sheesh, that (burn) should get a bite. Bahahah… lol.
Anyhoo @juststarting show me/us some of that 3D printing ya do, eh… I’m getting interested in it… oh and be quick about it lol…

Hi @darwindingo…I only have Autocad 2010, and by no means an expert with it. I probably utilize its capabilities by about 30%. I dont own a lazercutter, I get my stuff done at a local company, they input my cad drawing as a .DXF file so it comes out exactly what I draw.

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I’m hoping to put some up for sale in the next week or so…I have couple getting field tested at present…waiting on feedback…

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@darwindingo we have an entire thread dedicated to 3D printing.

On that note, @Tempestman, you should chuck a link to your go/no go printed gages in that thread.


Random pic of the belt grinder in action… :grinning:

Fark me and to think I used to use file’s. Sheesh, can be done but :crazy_face::checkered_flag:
Btw… @Gwion any gas forge build advice mate ? Small scale’s the plan, but !! Also, very interested to get your advice on burner construction etc… :beers:

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Hey mate. Sorry, I’m flat out.
I ordered my burners off eBay but search ‘Artisan supplies’ for Aussie supplier.

Been meaning to rip my pics of the forge build for you but lucky to get time to read these threads, let alone contribute at the moment!


Thanks for that mate, ill check them out. :beers:

Here you go, mate. I’m sure you’ll do a better job.

cut down

small & large door, fixed with case clips

lined with ceramic wool

also inlaid tiles for solid base. burners angled to create vortex rather than direct flame but didn’t work as well as hoped.
forge build #5
refractory cement plastered over ceramic wool. left for 2 weeks and lined with alfoil (not just for hats, people!) to slow drying, hold in place to prevent cracking

once refractory fully dry, burn mother fucker, burn! needs a long, intense heat to vitrify refractory

refractory tiles as front & back doors. has dorr at either end for long pieces of hot steel.

this is what comes out of i… if i ever get time to do it again! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your belt grinder looks great, by the way! I need one before i do any more knife work. My ‘multi tool’ was a good starting point but i’m keen to step up my game and a 72" grinder is the way to go!


Thanks for that mate, that’s one serious forge. I need a bigger shed, running out of room around here real fast.
The 72 was a pretty easy build, although if I was to build it again I would add a third tool arm receiver on the frame, give more options and would have saved me from having to fart around making and aligning a tool rest arm that allowed full access to the platen. So if you make one keep that in mind. Used a 2hp 3 phase (considered 3hp but the 2hp is perfect) with a vfd so it would have speed control, didn’t want to have the small wheel attachment explode in my face because it was doing some crazy rpm.

While the multi tool grinder may have some limitations you have turned out some amazing knifes with it mate !. With the vast array of quality belts , grits and attatchments you can run, make the 72 a worthy investment.

Wow, that’s a bloody nice knife you made there mate. :sunglasses::+1: :beers:


Cheers mate. If and when i get another grinder, it willbe off the shelf because i am very time poor these days and my fabrications skills are next to non-existent.

Here’s a handy belt knife I made a while ago. I liked the blue from tempering so I didn’t polish it out, I’ll let it wear off with use. All hand filing, perhaps @darwindingo could make me a grinder???