Shot types and their different uses?

Ok im pretty much inexperienced when it comes to shotguns yeah I’ve shot a couple over the years but that’s about it. :grinning:
So can the guys in the know tell me all about the different sizes/styles of shot and the practical uses of’em?,:grinning:
(Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere in the lobby but I couldn’t see it :beers:

There is this thread mate, but if you find that doesn’t answer your questions let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

And this one that I still need to finish.

I think what Daddybang is looking for is what type of shot is good for what game.

EG: #4 shot is good for rabbits, SG’s are good for dog’s etc.

Atleast that’s the way I read it, I am sure that Daddybang will correct me if I am wrong.

Correct. Here usxa rough list offcthe top of my head.
9-8 quail
8-7 skeet
7-2 rabbit’s , hares
2-bb fox
SG fox - pig
1oz slug. Pigs, deer

I use no. 4s or 2s for rabbits, prefer the 2’s even though most people say they are to big. my reasoning is that the heavier pallets travel further and hit harder, also there are less holes and bone damage which is important if you plan on eating them.
any pellets smaller than that are just for clays (I wouldn’t shoot a quail because i’m a greeny and they are cute) if you ask me.
BB’s for foxes upto about 50m and buckshot beyond that and easier to just use buck shot anyway, even if it is overkill (I don’t care about the skins).
BB’s and buckshot would also work well on goats, dogs, pigs and any other soft skinned animals, but would cause undue meat damage in my opinion and I wouldn’t use them on anything I wanted to eat…
I don’t shoot ducks (Greeny bird watcher) but they have to be shot with non lead pellets in all states I think, Steel shot in number 2’s is the most common from what I’ve seen. copper, bitsmuth and zinc shot is available though and maybe others.
Slugs for pigs at close range, deer (if you have front and rear sights not just a bead) and transit vans, slugs are great for plinking.

Yep was more looking for the info in the last three posts but all all info is valued and appreciated. Thanks all :beers:

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I have always used 5s for ducks and bunnies. 2s for foxes, or 223 or 30-06 :grin:

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Destroying objects with a shotgun 101 - slugs, buckshot and 71/2 for the pesky clays

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Thats if you hit them. Lol

@1Fatman told me that shotguns are just for people who can’t shoot.


If i don’t hit it with slugs, i walk closer and reload with buckshot :grin:

n00b. Get a Mosin. Do a bayonet charge.

Got myself a .303 for that

He must of seen me shoot, lol!

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LOL, I’ve seen you shoot, I wouldn’t say that within 75m LOL I would however call and tell you that from safe distance.

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With a bayonet?

Yep! Remember that time i put it through a car window? Which scratched up my near mint stock :sob:

That’s a butt plate, not the bayonet. Do you even know which end the bullets come out of?

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I just shoulder whatever end i pick up generally, but sometimes i can’t reach the trigger for some reason it gets further away and the bolts on the wrong side dunno why

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