Shifting scopes around...

Thought I’d move some scopes around… Had to get high rings (El Chippo La Chinese) to avoid catching the hammer… Eh, now it looks like a proper thumper.

(H&R/New England 45-70 Handy Rifle, I think it’s a 16.5" barrel)

What power is that scope?

It would be a 1.5 - 5 I believe. Or 1 - 5.5. One or the other.

Be a perfect size for a 45/70.

That’s why it’s on the 45-70 :slight_smile:

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Now you just have to sight it in.

No, now I just need to load for it. Then I need to sight it in :slight_smile:

Whenever I have 45-70 ammo, it just screams at me to be shot. I can’t stay away!

Lol, looks like you had better start reloading :star_struck:

On it… Powder coating bullets LOL

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So if the 223 throws fireballs with a 16 inch barrel, how do you think this will go? Perhaps a very fast powder

Yeah, weird, this using PPU or TrailBoss loads does not. I am yet to try 2208.

223 has a pretty big flash with factory loads, but I will try 2208 in it too and see how it goes.

I would think 2208 in the 223 would throw fireballs. Perhaps 8208 would be a better powder for the 223? The OSA factory loads are pretty hot. I mean so hot they are not a load you would pass onto someone as a reloading recommendation as a starting load.

Yeah, my other 223 is a 1:8 22" heavy barrel and OSA 69gr shoot very well, with 2208. I don’t think I care enough to change powder, so it will be 2208. This one is 1:9 and I have a bulk box of 55gr bullets, so this will be it - the plinkinator-2000.

45-70 - also 2208. Everything - 2208 :smiley:

8208 also throws a huge flash. I have some 2207 to try in my 18" 223.