Powder coating bullets

I did a bit of casting today, oh my, bottom pour furnace… I love it. I actually ran out of ingots, just kept going. And I thought it’s time to try my hand at powder coating.

@TheDude this is your time to shine, based on your puuurty 300AAC artwork.

I am using Eastwood - red.

To get the powder to stick, I need to generate a static charge. Everyone seems recommend plastic BBs (used in air soft). Since I don’t have that I tried a few alternatives.

Tub (#5 plastic thing, had one, reloading OCD, never throw away good containers)

Lid popped off, good thing I was wearing gloves.

…and a tumbler that I no longer use. No good either.

Then I tried a ziplock bag, eh, no luck here either. Then, success, sort of, I tried one of the Sistema plastic boxes (smaller version to what the bag of powder, above, is in). That seemed to work.

Baking, on 200C or there about for 20 minutes. Then sized and checked…

I baked in DIY trays, I don’t mind some flaking, don’t think it makes any difference… Just a quick and easy at volume. And I CBF standing them up individually, etc.

I am pretty happy for the first attempt. Learnt a few things, but they are no where near the same coating quality as what you posted here: 300 blackout subs.

Any process improvement tips are appreciated. If you are using some other powder paint, but the same process, where did you buy it? Anything else?


After some more research, seems like I haven’t tumbled them enough in the vibratory tumbler (which is what I’d prefer to use). Next attempt will be at 30 minutes.

probably good idea to degrease too, after handling them.

So few mistakes so far. Learning process…

I remember reading about one lot of coating where they mixed the colouring/coating with acetone (I think) and then they tumbled it and then baked it.
Could be confused with something else though but I will see if I can find it.

That sounds about right.

Right I found the bit I was reading and it was using Hi-Tek coating. Not sure how good it is but it will be worth more research.


I’m using the same Eastwood powder coat. I’ve got Ford light blue, gloss red, semi gloss black and a gloss white I’ve not tried yet. I got it from ebay from ppcoaustralia.

For getting the powder to stick, I use a trick a YouTuber - “Elvis ammo” posted about. Heating the bullets up first rather than tumbling

  1. put your bullets on your tray and heat for 5min at 70c.
  2. grab them out of the oven and put them in a container with a few spo0n fulls of powder coat. More is better here
  3. Crank the oven up to 200c to preheat for next bit. Chuck on a lid and shake it for 15 seconds to ensure they get a good coating
  4. tip them out into your basket spreading them out and sifting off the excess powder into another container for reuse.
  5. put them in the oven for 20min.
  6. once done let them cool and break apart any that stuck together.

One of Elvis ammos vids says he didn’t need to preheat with the Eastwood powder but I’ve found in the limited testing I’ve done it seems to help and only takes a few minutes.

I’m still playing to see if I can get them to stick less. My last batch I gave them a shake every 5min and that seemed to break them up but will do a few more batches to test it out more.


Hi-tek is the stuff that HRBC and others use. I’ve got a couple of mates that are using it with good success.

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