Selling all my guns and shooting equipment

Naah not really :joy: but someone had to do it! Happy April fools

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Me too, I’m gonna start skateboarding again instead!


But you will have to wear pants.

Bullshit mate. I’m gonna sk8 out with my date out!

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While @AusTac is joking, I’m like 99% certain that @GUN-DMC is for real.

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I don’t think that it’s your date that I would be worried about lol.

Comment sense tells me I shouldn’t buy a skateboard (been close to ten years since I last popped an ollie) but then that little voice…

Is it the voice that tells you to buy guns? If so,
Go with the voice…

It’s the same voice, Lol.

Man, believe me i shot a 253.8 point fallow head on Saturday. Mincing snags as we speak.

What times dinner lol?
I will bring a bottle.

Then you woke up and changed your undies.

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Cancelled due to weather. :angry: Ah well next weekend is looking better.

But the beer is great tonight. Great opener too… :+1:

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It’s okay. It’s not great. It’s be great if you had shot a deer.

Just now trying to organise to take Evan out Saturday and maybe Sunday coming weekend. Weather looks much better.

What are you hunting for or are just taking him out for a look? Don’t let him shoot anything, especially with a .30-06. He will get the surprise of his life if he lets go of one of those things. Not worth the dramas. It does look like better weather though.

There are a few Fallow and foxes about 1 1/2 hours away. This trip mainly chasing fallow while the rut is on. But will give the tenterfield a blast too.
He will just be tagging along. Still hasnt got his junior lic.

Ill be taking my 30-06-243 winchester improved magnum this time. :+1:

What’s a .30-06-243?

FYI @Bogong
God, I have to explain everything, at work, home and hunting. To the uninitiated this is;
A Winchester M70 chambered in 30-06 loaded with a 130grain soft point . Velocity about 3000fps. This is approximates the trajectory of a 243 with greatly proved energy. This is what smart people do when they have two 3006s and need a 243.
Sheesh. Mild to shoot too. :+1:

Do i really have to explain this the most basic of ballistic technical info?

PS can admin please organise a pulling his leg emoji

Pps. You can tell I’m a 30-06 fan. Lol