Savage impulse in 308 - thoughts??

Here in WA we can basically get one rifle in similar calibres - two if you can think of a good reason like setting one up with thermal or iron sights…

So I’ve got a 223, next step up was thinking a savage impulse in 6.5 but then thought again as I’m not really into shooting with a spotter and the glass to get the most out of a 6.5 would be silly expensive…

So 308 it would be and likely to be my only 308 (unless I can find an sks in someone’s roof or buried in some drain pipe… (JUST KIDDING WAPOL)

So thoughts on a savage impulse predator being my only 308 - looks to be a good rifle for $2700 odd?

And.what glass would you put on it?

Personally, I think that Savage is a budget brand. Some people like them, I’ve never had good luck with any of them. Reason I say that, is because for $2700 you can get some really nice 308s. Tikka, Browning just of top of my head, all would be preferred (again, my opinion) over Savage (or Howa).

Damn WA laws, if i had that that kind of cash for a rifle i’d be looking at a bergara or lithgow ( had a .308 of theirs for years ) or a tikka, but it has been a while since i’ve looked at new rifles, what do you want it to do? Whats its main use?

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only because i wish i had one…

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I’ve got a few Savages and not had any real problems with them. That being said for that money and hassle (WA) I’d be looking at something nicer too.

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I have 2 savages myself in 22lr and 204 . And cant complain about them for accuracy. But fit and finish i believe leaves a lot to be desired. Especially now they are usually within the same ball park money wise as tikka Bargara and the likes . But at the end of the day mate no one has to be happy with your guns other than yourself . My advice would be to go and have a feel and a play at your lgs and see what is most comfortable for you .
It can be the envy of every bloke at the range. But if its not what fits you no matter what the pricetag it is . Its a fail in my book

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I’ve got a Lithgow la102 in 223

I’d rather go hunting with it* than be a range queen

(I have the pistols for that)

*Still haven’t managed to go hunting, it’s a terrible thing to try and get involved with in WA.

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I moved over to WA a few years ago now and have been slack Af with getting everything organized but they certainly don’t make it easy do they.

You might be better off with some sort of inbetween gun that can do both range and hunting equally heaps of guns out there like that, but for me anyway it would rule out the heavier rifles

It’s a cool concept, realistically no faster or better than a normal bolt gun in real world applications. Much nicer rifles available for close to $3k.
To me, it’s honestly a marketing gimmick. Nothing against a straight pull, I have some.
You compromise a lot of extraction leverage for a perceived speed increase that isn’t really there.

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Apparently the lockup system allows an aluminium receiver which lowers weight.
Allegedly accurate and light weight from the vids I’ve watched. I’ll have to get one in my hands.

No idea of the impulse but the Savage 10 and 12s in 308 are made ready for competition out of the box. They have a Savage team that tours the country and use factory rifles in a F class team in the US. The Savages that I have shot have all been really good shooters fit and finish depends of the model.

Circa 3k though. There are nicer rifles. And at minimum (current prices) $2.50 a shot, you ain’t going to be blasting away at any rapid speeds or close to it.

P.s. As someone pointed out, the only person who has to be happy with the choice is you, rest of us just throw opinions.

How very timely
(1) Savage Impulse - Full Review and Ammo Test - YouTube

Considering none of us have one, we have morphed into those annoying turds that pass judgement on a rifle we’ve never even touched.
Woe is me.
I can say on paper it’s a hard sell. To hold and shoot one however, might be a totally different animal.


Except me, I am openly biased!

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And now there is a competitor from Beretta

I went to the shop today.

Savage was heavier than I thought it would be. The action is good but not really much different to shooting my Ruger American in rapid fire comps at the range. I think I’ve gone off the idea. Maybe get a second hand one in 6.5 creedmore later.

The there was a black rifle with interchangeable barrels that was SWEET. I really liked the built in fibre optic sights. I’ll have to find it. But a bit spendy.

But the 308 that caught my eye, and I felt was light enough to spend a day walking around with was a Weatherby Vanguard Meat Eater special. $2200

I know it’s a cheaper rifle, with a twisty barrel, cerakoted, killer pattern and with some branding and a few stickers in the box but I did really like it.

My Ruger American 0.22 is the most boring thing you’ve ever seen and you have to clean the wax off the ammo for it to even cycle. A very poor buy for $750.



So kinda thinking next application (I always apply for two so the $220 fee doesn’t hurt so much):

The Weatherby Meat Eater 308
Maybe a Cheap K98 308 cos I love the history of them

Savage A22R or if I can get iron sights on it?
(CZ 515 is another option)


Alaskan Take Down 0.44mag in stainless and black

That’s a good 6 months of laybuying if I buy 2-3 firearms but the guys at the shop are good with me. I bought the TS2 9mm in October, got it licensed in December and still owe $300 on it and haven’t been able to pick it up haha.

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If you’re considering a switch barrel my mates been runnings a rossler titan 6 for a few years now, absolutely beautiful rifle you can mix and match whatever you want - just another option for you haha

Trouble with switch barrels over here is the licensing and fees which kinda makes them pointless.

The vanguards are great, would recommend.

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