Savage impulse in 308 - thoughts??

Re: Savage Impulse - Full Review and Ammo Test - YouTube

I watched that video and a few more YouTube’s on 1.5x speed

Between that and visiting the shop and handling the thing I have realised

  1. you’d need to spend way too much on rounds with it to shoot the impulse like the promo videos when your muscle memory is for a traditional bolt action

  2. I need the Weatherby vanguard meat eater in 308

  3. I need to get out of Perth and go for a hunt even if I have to pay someone or go interstate

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In defence of Savage rifles, I’ve owned several custom built rifles over the years… The two most accurate were 6X47 Rem (700 action/Krieger barrel) and my current rig, Savage model 10 McMillan in 6x47 Lapua (IBI 26" barrel)
Both sub 1/4" (1’s & 2’s) with handloads. Some say they’re ugly, but they shoot like a beauty! :joy:

Nothin ugly here. :sunglasses:

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