Savage 340e problem after new stock

Ive had this rifle for a few years and I love it, Ive shot bunnies and goats with it with good loads of 2206h and trail boss.

When I bought the rifle it had had a damaged stock, It worked just fine but it wasn’t pretty (the rifle in itself is already an ugly duckling) and I kept my eyes open for a replacement. a little while back I scored a whole rifle minus the bolt and mag for 100 bucks, I swapped the stocks and now it looks much nicer. now though I have a new problem, the bloody thing has taken to soft striking the primers, sometime every second shot.
what could be the cause? and any suggestions on a fix would be much appreciated.

not that it makes much difference to the topic but its a .222rem

Can you give a pic of the bolt broken down into parts? It may need a new firing spring or you may be able to put a washer in there to add some preload. could be quite a few things.

I can take some more pic’s tomorrow.
I thought of ordering a new spring, but I wondered why the change in stock could effect it like that. I thought maybe the new stock could be interfering with the safety or something causing drag on the firing pin.
parts are not readily available for these old girls so i might have to switch back to the old stock if I can’t ftgure it out.

Mmmm, don’t take offence but I assume you didn’t get the actions mixed up did you? e.g. Bolt is now in the wrong action?

no, only one has a scope, otherwise I would admit i’m capable of such a screw up :roll_eyes:

Hey, that would be easy to do if interrupted at just the wrong time.
Must be coincidence. I’d disassemble check and clean the bolt.

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do you mean if you put it back in the old stock, it has no problems?

I haven’t tried yet but I think that will be the case.

If that is the case. It may be a case of when tightened down it is flexing the action a little.


See if it is ok on the old stock. If so, just bed the rifle into the new stock.


Did you sort it out? Mine is a .223 and I haven’t had it out much, but I had quite a few FTF with Winchester white box ammo.

no mate not yet, really only laziness to blame. I am planing on swapping it back to the old stock to see if that makes a difference, if not soak the bolt in diesel for a bit and give it a really good clean.

Fair enough.

So…Any news?

No mate, same laziness. Lol

Not that it matters much to the post but my very first gun was the 340e chambered in the 22 hornet, I absolutely love it still to this day and shoot it every chance I can get even inspite of her looks. I hope you get the bolt issue sorted as its a hard graft finding parts Nowdays.


Got to love the good old Hornet.

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Definitely an ugly duckling, but great little guns. I’d love to pick up one in 30-30, I’d like to play with a dirty thirty and some pointy pills.

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Sounds like the Blackout. Lol