Santa will grant you one gun to suit your current licence and storage. He can custom make it to fit within your state regs. What would you like?

22LR&22WMR switch barrel pump action that accepts BX mags.

I want to plink until it gets dark. Then turn on the lights and stay out all night.

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Whooo Santa I have been a good boy. I would like a stock from Cerus Rifleworks There is a gunsmith in Aus that can get them in. Check them out they are beautiful while still being a pretty hi tech build. I would fit it with a Barnard P action on top of a V block glued into the stock. For a barrel I would go a Krieger 11T Straight profile 308 barrel for optics it would be a Nightforce Competition ?-55 *52 on top of a 20 moa rail for a bipod I would like an Auspod made by another shooter that has a engineering workshop.

A pretty boring rifle probably in a lot of peoples eyes but it would make me very happy.

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God damn it. Only one?

Wedgetail Rhonda (pump action) in 223.


Daddy has expensive taste lol

Post deleted.
Santa said 1, you ungrateful heathen.

Whoa whoa whoa, Santas been told he has to include non believers as well this year, because inclusion and diversity, so just check ya privilege there, okay?

Now, which is it. Im writing this down for Santa and putting it in a letter for him so he knows what to get. I have to post it by the 14th December so chop chop people.

I want anything in an 8ga & some brass cases.
Thanks santa.

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338 Lapua please santa don’t worry about storage I’ve got a lovely place in one of my safes for it already I haven’t been able to afford one on the pension thanks in advance santa :pleading_face::pleading_face::cry:

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Ned Kellys Snider Enfield “Betty” for a wallhanger.


A Barrett .50 easy.

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Haha, can’t wait for Santa to explain this when he gets pulled over.

“Wild dogs officer. They’re big out this way and they put the wind up the reindeer…hic…yeah”.

Wolves are a real problem where he is. I think he would need to be packing to protect himself from wolves, Polar Bears, Bears and moose. Pretty harsh out there at night with all that dangerous wildlife.

Yup that’s why he flies over the roof tops because it’s too dangerous in the forest

Id have a enfield enforcer, would do pretty much anything i needed it to

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L42A2 added to the list Sir. Splendid choice gov’.

It would be the Lee–Enfield .303 rifle used by Billy Sing.

Of course it would have to come with a letter of authenticity.

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Santa said ONE gun. None of this list bullshit. You have to pick one!

image straight pull Dragunov svd tigr


You better have been a really good boy. Santa might have to ummm…well basically Mrs Claus might…you see sometimes when adults want difficult things done…look Santa will make it happen I think, but those cookies better be hashish kapiche?


Wilson Combat Pinnacle 1911 in 45 acp.
Thankyou Santa.

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