Sambar Deer Thread

Sambar Deer Thread. Just thought I would get this going. Numbers have inceased over the years and i need all the help I can get. Lol A good place to leave any tips or hints, sucesses, disapointments and hunting results. Feel free to leave a few pics too

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Wait until they honk you, it’s really loud and scares the f…k out of you. Then you know they are very close and on to you.:deer:

Lol. I think the first time i heard it i jumped 6 feet.

And then stay still,coz the honk is to make you move…

I find that when they honk, they well and truly know you’re there.

I agree. Perhaps unsure, but know you are there.

Get up to N/E Victoria mid winter…when it’s snowing. Bring more than a nappy.

In mid-winter, in snow, you have to have warm feet. Sorel, Canadian boots, rated to -20C. The warmest boots I have worn.

If you’re sitting over a wallow all day and in snow, you need to keep your body warm.

Canadian again, they know snow. Goose down insulation.

Add in a pair of Gore-Tex over pants, thermals and your laughing.

Forget about the camo gear when you’re trying to stay warm. Waste of time.

Went out this arvo and sat over a water hole that had some good sign around it.
Sat there for almost 3 hours scanning back n forwards all hopefully like.
Watched some birds, saw some Skippys and was almost out of light when I had a look over my shoulder and there up on the hill behind me was a bloody sambar doe.
I tried to get up and turn around slowly and stealthy like, which I suck at after sitting still in the cold for 3 hours (bad back and legs) so I spooked her off before I could take a shot.
Best deer hunt for me so far, im happy as a pig in proverbial to have just seen one after only a few trips out. im a long way from the high country so they so easy to come across out here.


There is always next time, atleast you know that they are out there.

I was out this weekend too… Oh dear, no deer :stuck_out_tongue: I was in high country, running around hills looking for Sambar. So to one-up you @GUN-DMC - in incompetence that is… On the way back, one of the crew (who just happens to do this daily) went - oooo think that’s one. Looked through the scope, yep, there’s one.

Me: where?
Dude: You’re looking at it.
Me: Where!

This is easily within a time span of send at least a couple of shots down range.

I am looking like a knob at it, without actually seeing it. Suddenly I see face pop up, honk and off it goes. Maximum, I am being generous here, maybe 50 meters.

Thought it was funny. For one, I was looking at it and couldn’t see it, makes you question all this camouflage bs people go for. These things are black and brown and you just can’t see them, they blend so well. Two, my incompetence has no bounds! I knew exactly what to look for, but I guess this is more experience than anything else (looking for ridges across the back). I knew what to look for, I just wasn’t doing what I knew how to do.

And then I was thinking and I am still 99% convinced that this is fact, deer hunting is like lottery. 1% skill, 99% luck, because there’s only one of you and a tone of forest.

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I would have said 10% skill & 90% luck. Luck and the amount of time put in play a huge part.

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This is pretty much it. More time out, more chances and experience. Nothing else to it. But yeah, 90% is about the lowest luck I’d say. There’s only one of you and a shit load of forest.

Think I’ll write a bigger post on some observations.

Found this rub this morning also.

Here is a nice fresh wallow. Both sexes wallow

You want to becareful out there @Oldbloke , looks like the local deer are starting to arm themselves, but you might be safe as one of the deer left theirs behind.

A typical print. 30-06 for size. One is over the other. Typical of a doe

Typical rub

DSCF2562 .