Russia and Ukraine

The why will always be subjective.

If they legitimately feel that they were going to help those being oppressed by Ukraine because they wanted to live like Russians, then to them it is a legitimate cause.

If the west feel like a country is oppressing people we invade also.

I’m simplifying to try and explain the point it is all a matter of perspective and i have yet to see someone who has it all. I just like the different ideas people have and i know we will never get the full picture but it’s fun to pretend.

That’s not what I meant. But… Meh, I rather talk about guns :slight_smile:

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I’ve been watching and reading many takes on this for a while and one that keeps getting up my hole is the oft repeated fallacy that the USA “installed” al-Tikriti.

They did not. He installed himself after two decades of infighting.

The US did take full advantage of his proclivities during the cold war because he was fighting their bigger enemy Iran.

Then when Geeee-Dubbya wanted some domestic traction, a war with someone they’d already beaten once looked like good way to boost his stocks at home and make his family richer from the bump in oil prices achieved by starting a shitfight in the Gulf.

You are probably right.

Two more weeks, Ukraine has got this.

US arms sales up 49%

Reading the news today I see Trump and De Santis have said that Ukraine “have said defending Ukraine is not a vital US interest” Trump said the Ukraine war was not a vital US interest but it is for Europe … that is why Europe should be paying far more than we are, or equal.

Looks like another republican not policy but election rev up statement to the US people that the republicans will rein in spending in the US and F… the rest of the world. Pretty much the same as he did last time tear up long standing treaties and want payment from other countries for protection. Sounds a bit like the Mafia.

But really, why shouldn’t they collect? You want protection then pay the fee. If i was them i’d be sick of being the bodyguard & sugar daddy to half the world too… Especially when their own economy isn’t what they wish it was. It;s about time the rest of the world steps up.

Whatever we may think about the US they’re pretty much the “little boy at the dyk e” when it comes to keeping certain countries in some kind of check, the problem is they’re running out if fingers. I’ll take the paid Mafia protection over a free for all from a bunch of crazies any day of the week.

Don Corleone

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Just remember Trump couldn’t have five billion for a border wall, even from a Republican controlled congress.

Now six million illegal economic migrants have or will have flooded into the country under Biden - they have rampant inflation crushing real wages for the poorest people and you have cities declaring emergencies to deal with all these people and the fentanyl they are bringing with them. .

Meanwhile the US is on track to spend two hundred billion on defending the eastern Ukrainian border… all with the backing of both parties at the behest of the military industrial complex

I think Germany has spent around 2 billion

Not to mention the 100 000+ dead

They should have negotiated a peace deal a year ago.

P.s. I don’t care for Putin either. You’ve got two of the most corrupt countries world continuing a border dispute that has been going on for thousands of years. Neither side have opposition parties or free press so it’s not about “defending democracy”

Mafia is precisely how the Chinese describe US military hegemony. We pay for a protection racket.

Start trouble in 2014
Send billions to keep war going in 2022
Negotiate for peace in 2023

I hate the US Administration. Biden will soon get a taste of my shoe, mashallah!


I’m having flashbacks to the US housing crash… NO NO don’t stress everything is fine, nothing to see here, move along. And FFS please don’t pull out your cash!!
cookoos nest NO

Not a critisim but why do you read News outlets that are just fake and at best trying to be satirical?

I don’t actually read the Babylon Bee but since you asked that headline came up in an episode of the excellent Podcast Series called Brokenomics on the website Podcast Of The Lotus Eaters.

I thought the headline was almost perfect satire of the shitshow (not just the Ukraine, but the post covid dystopian borderline collapsing economy we live in)

The introduction episode of Brokenomics is available for free on YouTube, and snippets of the rest. I’ve found them so good I’m paying for the full 60-90 minute episodes.

And then after all that I feel more motivated to going camping and hunting and spending time with my family.

Babylon Bee is the best!


Babylon Bee are second only to The Onion for honest and unbiased news!
@sungazer they are 100% satirical mate, although they often turn out to be good predictors of whats actually happened/happening.


They actually proved to be so good at satire they had to start another site/ account called where they post shit that should be satire but is actually true


This is interesting, probably useless, but interesting non the less…

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