Rocket stoves for camping

What are people’s impressions or experiences with portable rocket stoves?
Watching hunting auratoa yesterday they were cooking with one, it was flash with a hot water jacket around it too.
I found these ones
It wouldn’t be hard to make one either I guess but I’m not much of a fabricator.

Used a jetboil for years, wouldn’t be without it, as opposed to a wood stove, for me no way, the resources take to much time to process at dark o’clock in the morning in the snow and rain which is often where i find myself at

I use the single lpg stove. But the wood version works ok. Lol

BTW The single burners are only $19.50 in bunnings near the BBQs.

As above but disposable- Try making a hobo stove with an old 4lt olive oil can. Just bung a hole in the top and one on the side, 3 or 4 vents on the side at the top. A minute with a strong knife.

I have heard or read somewhere that some people take prepered fuel in the form of small wooden blocks/sticks pre-soaked in kero or diesel.

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I carry a few sticks of ’ fat ’ wood which is pine resin soaked wood, very handy for getting fires going in harsh conditions, i scrape wood off with the back of a knife and use my flint and striker to light :+1:

Great. I use a lighter or matches. I thought a bright young bloke like yourself would have caught on to those gadgets by now. Lol



yes old man i have lighters and matches too :joy:

If it’s raining or snowing, [email protected]#k it I’m going!
I take a gas bottle and burner normally when I go away but just thinking that this will be cheaper in the long run, it’s lighter and smaller to take and there is always kindling around

Bloody cheat

Honestly mate just cut up an old paint tin or lpg bottle. Works fine. Next time your in nth geelong go to the gas place in station st. They give old gas bottles away. Just dont kill yourself cutting the gas bottle open with an angle grinder.

Cool, thanks for that.

Just an after thought. An old 9kg water fire extinguisher cut in half would make a good one too.

In reality, you’d probably spend half the price on tools, and end up with 100 times more inferior product. I’d rather just pay that little bit extra and have something that works great.

That only applies if you dont have the tools mate.

True. But in most cases I don’t think most people have the tools to make something like that to that level of looks and quality. E.g. That rusty cut drum you posted above looks like shit and requires gloves to operate lol. Diy is always an option, however it’s often not the best option, because the company selling the product spent countless hours in research and development. Sort of like using ground match hand instead of gun powder or pretending that cast projectiles can ever be compared to copper. I didn’t say it’s impossible, I just said it’s not going to be as good :slight_smile:

I have all the tools, grinder, metal hole saws n stuff but like JS said it will be hard to make something that nice.
I might have a crack at one though, I can scrounge up an old gas bottle.

I can tell your area of expertise is IT. Lol

Yes, looks like shit because has sat in the garden for about a year. But take my word for it cooks ok and gloves not necessary. Very little fuel needed to cook a few snags.

@GUN-DMC if you like ph me to explain how to cut the top off a gas bottle without it blowing up in you face.

Thanks mate but I can cut a gas bottle.

  1. Make sure your in an enclosed shed with some Jerry cans near by.
  2. Make sure the taps closed so the gas stays safely inside.
  3. Go the hack with the sparkiest cutting disk you have.
  4. Live happily ever after… :joy:
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