Restoring (fixing) old 22 question

Hi All

I have an old Winchester 1906 (well, one of them anyway), that I picked up as a project. The simpleton that owned it before me tried to tap the tube magazine dove tail out rather than what he should have done (i.e. twist them off, as intended).

the gun is parts complete, but the dovetail slots that hold the rings are obviously wrecked. I was thinking metal bond epoxy, as a solution. This way I can still separate them if needed.

Thought on a solution, alternative solutions?


Metal epoxy or weld a bead. Welding a gun very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. So… I’m guessing you are not a welder :+1:

P.s. welding includes any sort like brazing etc.

Some surprising tough metal epoxies out there. I would give it a go. Can be shaped with a file afterwards. Don’t imagine there would be a ton of torque or strength required there.

Solder would be too soft.
Another option could be a wedge shaped shim. File down an old drill bit or something. Small wedge, tap it in, file flush.

Yeah, I was thinking solder and came to the same conclusion. @bentaz gave me some epoxy specifically for this, just wanted to throw it out here and see if anyone has better thought.

I second using the epoxy bentaz gave you mate it will work out just fine. Is this the photo of your specific gun because that looks mint.

I wish. No, that was for illustration, to show what I mean.

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That said, I am planning to try my hand at rust. I have all the components and an old gun to test it on first, so we’ll see how it goes. Probably get a start on that on Sunday or something and see how we go. Slowly getting through my project list, which is rewarding.

Just curious - for the barrels, is the metal cold formed or work hardened?

Wondering if the annealing in the HAZ when welding would affect the metal’s yield strengths.

Geez I was going to say, if this was your gun it would be a very short lived project. Ive been looking for one a little pump gun as well but a nice little lever action came up this week that I could pass on!

I’ve got a parts kit 1906 if a new magazine ring would help, no Barrel unfortunately.

Ooo, do tell.

thanks, @wombat. It’s the barrel that had the cuts tapped through. I wouldn’t want to change parts anyway.

No Worries, just be good to get some of the parts used that I don’t need.

Put them on usedguns, people are after them… Or in buy sell here. Or better yet - both.

Winchester “94” 22 little plinker very good condition, but also a 1892 25-20 build date 1909, can’t wait for my 25-20 brass to come hehe.

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Good luck with the rest of your project I hope it all works out well.

Thanks. Will keep everyone posted. I am looking forward to bluing.

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Are your fasteners in good condition?
I need to get a couple of slide screws.

They look fine. Why do you ask?

I have spare screws for you :slight_smile: