Remington 7615 possibly reclassified cat D

Well this sucks.

I was just going to post. Now I wonder what I do with it… LOL

Well we know they are to cheap to buy them all back, they will probably get grandfathered

Funny the Vic gov / cops are in the process of removing my least two favorite things in shooting.
7615’s and duck hunting, Lol,

Hopefully grandfathered or compo. Could buy a proper semi with that money.

Use the money to get a collectors licence, then buy an AR15

Maybe a nice 44 :slight_smile:

Nah, I’m no collector.

Or get me half way to Timberwolf :rofl:

SSAA doing anything about th… Bwahaha

If they get grandfathered in, would it be worth getting one, and never being able to sell it? @GUN-DMC - didn’t something like this happen to your adler?

Na my adler was a 5 shot, but I know a guy who has a 7 shot that he can’t sell.
I sold my adler to a guy in nsw

Also notice the much more deadly (mathematically speaking) 7600 is not on the agenda, but if this rubbish goes through there are a bunch of rifles that take AR mags that are also customisable ( you can Chuck anything in a chassis) that might be in the firing line next!


There are two things that are going to happen here. It gets reclassified and grandfathered in, because compos’ cost money (unfortunate, I wouldn’t mind something new) or nothing will happen.

I’d jump on one, just because :stuck_out_tongue:

To counter your ‘but you can’t sell it’…


I really want one of these but dont really have the money or the balls to explain it to the wife.


The SSAA Vic have come out and stated the reclassification rumours are bogus.

Taken from SSAA Vic Facebook page:

"A rumour that the Remington 7615 pump action rifle is to be reclassified from Cat B to Cat D appears to be baseless. Another shooting organisation has claimed Victoria Police is about to reclassify the firearm, but there does not appear to be a credible source for the claim.

SSAA Victoria contacted VicPol’s Licensing & Regulation Division to invesitgate the claim and was told there is “no truth to the rumour, no classification meeting is being undertaken”.

If the firearm, or any firearm, was to be reclassified on appearance, SSAA Victoria would seek an immediate meeting with the legislators to express our complete opposition. We will continue to monitor our sources within Parliament and Victoria Police to remain vigilant on this issue."


Interesting. Very interesting.

That’s a huge fuck up if that’s the case, from the other dudes. Wonder what the response will be.

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Lol @ the anti ssaa sentiment…in this case ssaa to the rescue of Victorian firearm users…aka their cash cow.

And another firearm organisation wanting to get extra members creating fear

As long as vicpol don’t ban folding stock and sniper/military spec 308/223 calibre i am happy


Hopefully this incident doesn’t make LRD sit up and think “hang on a sec, now that you mention it…”