Reflex sight on BL-22

Okies, so to continue from here:
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With the cheapy red dot that I have I just couldn’t quite get it done with that one. Adjustments felt very mushy, dot wasn’t adjustable and too bright for smaller targets, and it just wasn’t doing it for me. The setup I really liked, but the equipment, eh, not so much. So, I swapped some sights around and went with Vortex Venom.


Spend a morning on the range today and having @Supaduke help me spot got it dialed in where I am very happy with it.

So, one of this:

Total game changer for me.

Perfect fit. I’ve tried the original sight (that was the first thing to go, really dislike it), Skinner sight (very, very good on BL-22), tried vintage LPVOs (ok, but weight and looks… almost, but just didn’t feel it 100%)… And now I think I found the sweet spot for this rifle. No rails, no extra dangling bits or weight.

I’ve put quite a few rounds through it today, pretty close to being one of my favorite plinkers at this stage, probably within top 2 or 3.

Can’t even describe how much fun (a lot) this rifle is with a sight like that. Highly recommend.