Recipes for hare?

As the title says, does anyone have a good recipe for hare?
I have shot a few of them over the last few years, but I’d never bothered to try cooking any until last night when i seasoned a couple of legs and chucked em in the ‘hare fryer’ with some bunny. The rabbit came out beautiful but the hare was pretty chewy and not particularly nice.
Many moons ago a mates dad told me that you need to soak them in blood and milk but I never got any more specific details than that, old Tonksy lost his house in the fires in nsw and I’ve no idea where he is atm to ask him (and his sons a crack head now days) so im throeing it out there for your suggestions, how should I cook a hare?


After, along with some tasty bunny drumsticks.

Its the same recipee as galah.
Boil hare and rock for 4 hours. Add spiced to taste. Then eat the rock. Lol


I’ve eaten a few. Stewing is always good. You could try marinating in brown vinegar and such. Honestly I’ve just fried them and enjoyed them that way before :man_shrugging:

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Milk has mild acids that do wonders for tenderising stringy meat. Milk has proteins too that act like myelin and draw out metallic flavors like blood and hormones. This is what deals with the ‘gamey’ flavor you hear people talk about.

So, get some milk, add enough lemon juice (1tbs to 500ml) until it seperates and becomes effectively buttermilk. Soak the hare (or offal or gamey wild meat) in it overnight and rinse it off before cooking.

The seasoning part is up to you. Id go and test a soaked and rinsed piece with a further step: brining.

Source: cook for a living.

Thanks guys, I’ll give those things a try next time.

I’ve never cooked a Hare, but it seems that a long marinade and slow cooking is the way to go.

Hmmmm BBQ hare pizza.
Replace chicken meat with hare meat…

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@bentaz being in the same dairy no good camp, I’d avoid poaching or marinating in milk. Tried it with chicken and yeah, not worth the consequences.

Maybe I can do it in soy milk lol


You mean Soy juice

Yeah, lol.
Lemon juice or some other acid is probably the way to go, the bean juice I doubt would do shit.

Red wine is the marinate liquid in the link I posted.

Yeah I’m not really a fan of red wine.

Salt water is all I’ve ever done :man_shrugging:

Bugger. So, we want the casein protein, but not the lactose…okay easy. Greek yoghurt has 1/4 of the lactose, and about four times as much casein. So, you could take like 50ml of yoghurt and add 200ml of water and voila, no ass pain.

That salt is key to getting the myelin to hold moisture resulting in juicier meat.

Ill pos t a good rabbit recipee tomorrow.
Got it off another forum. Tried it and pretty good

Got this from another forum. I haven’t done the whole recipe just the up to the point where you can just toss it in the oven. It does remove most of the gamey flavours.

KFC Chicken
(Time about 2.5 hours)

• 2 ¾ grown rabbits
• 3 to 4 tsp Salt
• ½ cup vinegar
• Milk (enough to cover)
• 1 Egg
• Tandaco Southern fried chicken seasoning ( IGA )
• 2 Onions-chopped
• Garlic to taste (1 Tea spoon?)
• Chicken stock (1 or 2 cups)
• Mushrooms (1 cup-chopped ?)
• Steak Diane Gravy
• Sour cream- good dollop

I cut them into pieces, soak them in salt & vinegar and water for a few hours, drain them and wash them again and then soak them in milk overnight or as long as possible.

Then I roll them in a egg/milk bath (or oil ) then coat them in the seasoning.

(at this point if you like you can just put them in the oven for abt 45 minutes @ 180c then eat)

Give them a little fry in the pan till brown then remove them.

Cook the onions and mushrooms for a bit until the onions are translucent, then return the rabbit to the pot, add some chicken stock (about half way up the rabbit) let that cook for an hour then add 1 packet of Steak Diane Gravy let that cook for around 40mins or so, add some sour cream at the end and let that cook for another 20mins or so and then she’s done.

It usually comes out so tender it just falls off the bone and really is a great way to eat rabbit for those who don’t like a real gammy tasting rabbit dish - needless to say there was nothing left.

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That’s bigpete’s recipe isn’t it?
I 've got my rabbit down pat without going to that much trouble, but I think the next hare is going into the slow cooker after soaking in the yogurt n stuff, might actually soak it in the slow cooker then just add everything else and do a curry