Random reloading studd

@JSS when are you going to join us on the dark side? Reloading is fun :slight_smile:

Yeah, it seems pretty gay not reloading!

Hahaha I’m scared!! It’s a rabbit hole I dare not venture down.
Don’t think for a minute I haven’t been paying attention to your (and the rest of the gangs) journeys into Wonderland.

Not only is it the never ending trials & experiments you can try with the ammo itself. It’s also the accompanying but separate journey of constantly trying to improve on the reloading process itself.

If I sit at the table of the Mad Hatters Tea Party I may never leave. :wink:

…or not gay, whichever way you swing, it seems the opposite not to reload.

I guess I’ll just have to be gay, or not gay, or whichever one is perceived as naughty. :grin:

Don’t be like that. Just think of all the toys you could have… Dillon 650 (or 750), a nice single stage, a bullet feeder, AutoTrickler, then all the custom tools you could make with a 3D printer. It’s crazy not to try.

Ooooooo and the neat little draws to store all tools and components.

You’re like the Jehovah’s Witness of reloading, I’m half expecting to find you knocking on my door one Sunday morning in a suit & tie with the “good book of reloading” in your hand telling me the almighty press shall give me the salvation I need. :grin:

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You see that’s the carrot!! Don’t worry I already see all the things about it that would appeal to me, but I also see the depth of the hole lol.

Why do you keep calling it a hole. It’s more like a cause room with everyone and everything you love in it :slight_smile:

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Does this room also have coffee, beer, and snacks??

Do you even have to ask?

All that, padding on the walls and your empty wallet hiding in the corner.


Yep, the empty wallet in the corner and a huge cupboard full of the stolen hours of each day. :smile:

Couldnt imagine owning a CF rifle without reloading, its half the fun! When you can make a 308 into a big 22 simply with reloading, its a whole new ball game…

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I think the best solution is for one of you to move somewhere close to me and I’ll pay you for some custom reloads. It’s a WIN WIN I tells ya!!!
You guys will get some cash on the side plus more of this “fun reloading time” you keep talking about and I can get some snazzy custom loads.

I think we’ve all just realized it…Yes I’m a genius, a genius I tells ya!!!


Just remember the Golden Rule of Safe Reloading.

“If it seats, it yeets!”


Hmmm…Reloading you say? This is the only way i could do it lol.

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Yeah thats pretty gangster.
I bet it’s not cheap though!

Only 12’ish thousand give or take :slight_smile: Only.