Rails for Omark 44?

I was just looking online for a rail to fit to the Omark i am waiting on (actually not sure if it already has one).

I see some nice 20MOA rails for $150ish but i find that hard to justify when i’m only paying $200 for the rifle!
Cheap arse??? Probably… but as i am buying this as a Club rifle for others to use (and i’m a broke arse bitch who can’t even afford a good rifle for myself!) i want to get this thing running as CHEAP as possible.

Any ideas?

Forget the rail and use bases, if your scope hasn’t the adjustment for very long distance then shim the base. This is the cheapest alternative to using some fancy-arse rail and has been utilized by another wealth-challenged shooter I can think of. But please understand that almost anything you do to accessorize the 44 costs more than the rifle! Cheers and V’s to you.

Thanks No1. I just email the seller (former club member) to see if he has rings or scope or what not to go with the rifle, even if i have to pay extra.

If i end up shimming some rings, how much shim is equal to, say, 20MOA? (I figure most budget scopes will be in the lower range when it comes to elevation adjustment)
Also, if the rings are shimmed, should i lap them to avoid any torque on the scope tube?

Don’t shim the ring, shim under the base, much easier and doesn’t reduce the ring to base contact bevels. For about a 5 inch spacing you would need about 0.0015" shim per minute so a quick lap would be a good thing. I tend to lap target rifles just as a matter of course, but it is usually a fairly quick lap to take out minor imperfections. Cheers.

PS. Shim calculation = S (length of ring spacing) x 2 x pi / 360 / 60, so a 4" spacing would be
4x2 = 8xpi = 25.133 divided 360 = 0.0698 divided 60 = 0.0012 thou per MoA, Cheers.

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Holy shit… errr… Ok…

Yep, I would shim the base. Just wasn’t clear in my question.

Heard back from the seller. It has a rail of some kind fitted but he wants another grand for rings and scope. I reckon I can get something workable for a lot less than that.

I came across this, cheapest one I’ve seen @Gwion

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Still haven’t touched the omark. No time for club shooting and hardly time for a shot in the paddock! :face_with_monocle::worried:

I’ve never fired mine, I’ve had it a couple of years even.
It just got offered to me for $200 and seemed to good a bargain to pass up, but the idea of some longer range bunny busting!

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