Prepping do you believe in it?

I have watched the American TV show American Preppers and boy did it show some real crazy’s and quite a few gun related accidents (although they are not real accidents they are poor safety and training) I have always had some level of preparedness but more on a practical level like bush fire safety.
Since that show it has made me wonder if having a rifle in the same calibre as the military would be a good choice? Also if a few rounds should be kept aside for a rainy day. Living in the country also forces a level of self sufficiency ie I rely on tank water and of course I have more than one tank in case one empties due to some sort of fault. Another backup that came about by circumstance was having a big stockpile of rice. As it is something we eat as at each dinner and the Supermarkets every now and then sell the 10kg bags at half price or less (from $24 down to $10-$12) I buy 12 bags or more when on special.
Does any one else have any backup plans or self sufficiency contingencies?

In such event, I think ammo. Rest can be acquired from anti-gun nuts during regular raid operations. :slight_smile:

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Living off grid I’m kind’a in that ilk but would still be screwed if there was mass societal collapse. Personally, i think most of those preppers would be even more screwed than a lot of ‘normal’ people because they have built a false confidence on their fantasy super powers. :joy:

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Not anything like the yanks on tv, but I like to keep enough ammo, reloading gear to keep my family eating if need be, I also like to keep a good stock of pasta and rice.
I really need a rain water tank too.
Some of those people are proper [email protected] crazy though hey and some seem like they are on the right track.

@Gwion, yep.

JS I guess you are kidding re the raids given the smiley. I think there would be a lot of people carrying on in this fashion if SHTF big time and apart from something I wouldnt do morally it would have to be one of the most dangerous undertakings. Its when around other people that I may be converting my gongs and putting them into a vest. :grin:
In Aus we really do have some very real weakness’s one of them being electricity. We only just have enough capacity with a lot of areas already running over their initial design capacities. Take out one or two generation plants and we are really going into rationing or complete blackouts.

What no Facebook? It wouldn’t be worth surviving!

Also no means of mass communication. Goes two ways mate.

Also no means of mass communication. Goes two ways mate.

Big black out due to wind storms in our area a week or so ago. We were totally oblivious.:grin::+1:

I live in the bush in a part of the country where ya gotta be crazy not to be as self sufficient as possible. Off grid solar with gen back up beef on the hoof(and horse or dog if it’s a real bad time) a vege garden with a good knowledge of bush tucker and at least 100 rounds for each firearm :beers:
Not for the zombie Apocalypse
or ww3 just for the wet season!


I only need one bullet for the first prick who tries this, then I’ll just acquire all their stocks and arsenal! :rofl::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::nerd_face::skull:

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Well, you’re not an anti, are you. They don’t have guns ROFL

No. But there would be those that quite like the shelter and provisions that my sleepy little hollow provides… I’ve seen the Walking Dead, you know! :joy::nerd_face::skull:

I was telling a friend from the rifle club, on the weekend, about the tendency of our goats to hang themselves in the trees when reaching for tasty young leaves. We came up with the name “Hanging Tree Hollow”… think I might get a sign made up as a deterrent for those nosy trespassers! :joy::joy::joy:


Surrounded by damn hillbilly idiots I am.

You know you’re just jealous like all the other technophilic hipsters who would be gasping like fish outta water without a power source for their devices… :rofl:

That video was hilarious, by the way!

I cant watch the video being the hillbilly I am, I dont get enough data allowance to watch more than 1 YT a month


My house keeps a moderate prep - 40kg of grains, numerous cans of tinned veggies, 200L of water (plus whatever we fill the bathtubs with during a disaster, a couple of rifles + heaps of ammo, ~1200w solar + battery to keep the house running. We don’t carry much fuel (20l of petrol and diesel respectively) but I really don’t forsee ever needing to use fuel or the rifles in a prepping-style situation.

Honestly, there’s no real risk of serious natural disasters or riots and looting out where I live. Still, I feel comfortable knowing that if anything ever happens and there are food or water shortages, my household should be just fine for at least a couple of weeks.

Edit: I’m still thinking of getting a little honda jenny down the line, to supplement the solar and for camping use. Not really an urgent requirement

Yep… Hey, @sungazer have you been looking at our “fuel security reserve’s”, they should also be maintained in better status than they are currently, IMO…:beers:

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