Practical comparison: Adler B220 and B230 vs Salun Tac-12

On the back of another post, I thought I’d post this:

Basing my experience on Practical Shotgun Competition experience, shooting Adler B230 vs @Supaduke - shooting Salun Tac-12.

Nobody really runs shotgun as fast as they can and as roughly when there’s no timer or competition… You might think you are, but you’re not. Tac-12 outperformed Adlers and Dickinson fair and square, without a single failure. So there you have it, some interesting results.

Throughout the competition a lot of people had:

  • failure to feed (including me) - all adlers
  • failure to extract (at least 2) - dickinson and adler.
  • equipment failure (also me) - dickinson and adler
    where the shotgun started to take itself apart. Adler - retaining screw holding the magazine release button backed out and magazine wouldn’t stay in. Dickinson - front sight came off

At the same time, another member here, @Supaduke, as unco as he is, slow and steady like a well built turtle finished the race without a single failure running a Salun Tac-12.

Everyone else were using Adlers and one person a Dickinson.

Dickinson - front sight fell off (and had failure to extract I believe).
Adler B220 - failure to extract
Adler B230 - constant failure to feed and in my case a magazine release button screw backed out to failure.

Failures to feed I attribute to magazine issues with 2 brand new magazine I borrowed, while my used mags performed better, but still with some failures to feed. I may have riding the bolt, but I don’t think it was as prevalent as the feeding failures.

I think lever action Adler would have performed better than all (have seen it in the past, but it wasn’t present on the day in hands of experienced shooter, so no review there).

Yet to test B230 with a bigger mag vs Tac-12, but current data suggests results could be the same.

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From my observations, many of the failures were induced in the Adler straight pulls by riding the bolt forward. They would outrun the gun and catch their own shell in the ejection port. From my use of straight pulls , they seem to run better when you let the spring assist do the work on the forward stroke. Also several guys put too much effort into trying to run the gun really fast but long pauses between shots. Slow down on the gun, hurry up with getting shots on target.

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That’s failure to eject, I didn’t see that (maybe, but I didn’t see it). I saw failures to feed when a shell did a “stove pipe” in the magazine. Or didn’t quite get stripped from the mag and got jammed on a weird angle somewhere between the mag and the chamber.

Yes, the mag fed guns all needed work. Clunky and sticky. Probably works just fine in the field, on the clock it highlights a definite issue.

very mush so.

I still want to test 10 round magazine, then it will be the final straw.

I observed this too. In my opinion, riding the bolt forward with excess force was smacking the back of the next cartridge with such momentum it was tipping the cartridge up, like a drag car taking off. Causing the next round hit the top of the reciever/chamber and jam up. And because guys were really shoving the bolt forward it would jam up pretty hard.
The spring assist provides a smoother more linear acceleration of the cartridge.