Picking SMLE No1 Mk3

I am thinking, SMLE No1 Mk3 is missing in my safe, man it’s an ugly gun, probably the ugliest fucker out there, but super iconic nevertheless.

Personally, I want UK made, not Lithgow. Ultimate (fudd consensus) British battle rifle made in UK. Lithgow just doesn’t sit well in that train of thought and never had (to me).

Discuss :slight_smile:

I disagree with both your points. I quite like the look of the No1 Mk3 and I think every Australian if they are going to get one (every gun owner should have one) it should be a Lithgow.

Are you alluding to the British ones are better quality? why buy British made?

Indian made should be bottom of the list no matter what.

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Taste is a subjective thing…

As for quality, not at all. More the history side. Analogy to my logic could be something like; you can get an authentic thing or a knock off. Granted, Lithgow is most certainly not cheap (quality or money) or a knock off, but, it’s less authentic 303 than a British 303 (in my head).

What! Ugly? No1 Mk3 are the best! More conventional sights than the No4 too. @juststarting. You need one, as every home does!! It will change your life, cant believe you dont have one, almost as bad as not having a 310 cadet! Give one a rapid fire session, and you will love it!! Fastest bolt gun around! As for build quality, I think the poms, may have the wood on us, but that’s debatable. Get one NOW!

Yeah, if I find one, I’ll get one :slight_smile:

A house is not a home without one…but deep down, you know that!

A house is not a home with a coach gun! I will go that far.


Some feelings have been hurt…
No accounting for taste. Quality at this stage of the Milsurps game is a case by case basis.
I get the “British is more .303ish” thing.
Still unaustralian. I have no choice but to contact ASIO

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Yes, that!

I have “a” Lithgow, that’s enough.

I have both lithgow and Enfield…The examples I have, I would have to say the Enfield is better finished. But I love them both!

If I was too concerned about the quality or finish (within reason) of milsurps, I wouldn’t be getting milsurps to start with, they are all shit compared to cheapest contemporary rifles. There, I said it! Ha! Deal with that.

But, I do enjoy their history and historically…

runs and hides at an undisclosed location

I always thought the no.4 mk 1 was the better looking rifle. I have a Savage no 4 and a Lithgow no.1.
They both are very average in accuracy compared to things like Swedes and Swiss. They can be tuned/ shimmed etc to wring a bit more accuracy. The No.4 has better sights, peeps poo on tangent sights. The Lithgow is well built and solid gold Australiana. On a technical level , no better or worse than any British rifle. Queensland Maple and beechwood on some rifles had its pros and cons. Moot point after 70+ years though, stocks are all well aged and stable. Find a good example at a good price. All that aside, you’re a bit shit if you don’t get a Lithgow :slight_smile:

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Cant agree they are all shit compared to cheapest contemporary off the shelf rifles. You obviously haven’t handled and fired a Persian Mauser?? They are above and beyond, off the shelf sako rifles hands down. Even the Belgian FN Mausers, are better than any Rem, Ruger, or Howa…etc…

Whatever comes first, Brit or Lithgow. They are still fugly though :slight_smile:

As for better than new, I’m using broad strokes here, but overall, I said what I said and I’m sticking to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and one more thing hope you’re all sitting for field work - polymer over wood, any day!

Polymer over wood…I just threw up!!! Never!!!

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I have a BSA from WW1. In my experience, you can sometimes be asked to pay extra for a Lithgow and for a WW1 example as opposed to WW2 but all that being said, I got mine cheaper than normal just due to luck.

Some people just ask stupid money for them.

Yep. But I still think British 303 is more 303.

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I don’t mind the peep on the No.4 but its way too big to realize the rifles true accuracy potential. I have shot better groups with the No1 leaf sighted rifle, on the 3P core target. But the eyes are slowly craving some scoped competition.

To be fair, all my most accurate rifles have leaf sights. I have 3 .303s in various platforms, despite load development I just get any of them to shoot amazing groups. I like them a lot, they handle nicely and nice to shoot. Other rifles are just…easier.
I’ve never been game to accurize any of them, I’m always worried I’ll make them worse then end up down a rabbit hole.

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