Permission to hunt on private land letter template

Its that time again, License renewal time.
time to get a fresh property letter so I did a quick google search to find a template and found this one by Firearms Owners Association of Australia

I cut and pasted it into a word doc and edited out the bits I didn’t need and printed it out, jobs done!

It’s times like this that I get to giggle at you Mexicans for having to get a letter to renew your license. :rofl:

Then I remember that we have to get one everytime we get a firearm. :pleading_face: :sob: :sob:


yeah, I’m not really fussed about having to get a scribble every 5 years.

One of the other ways is to just buy a game licence. Jobs done. They just need a photo copy.

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Or join the SSAA.

Ummm, no thanks

Cant you just get an expression of interest in hunting ferals from the dept of ever changing names? I think that’s all I did last time round. Cost $16 or so.

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Yes, you can still do that. But he will have no trouble getting a letter signed.

Yeah I only have to see my next door neighbor to get the letter signed.

You could join a vra club. Or become a primary producer

Joining a VRA club while the club part fees maybe very cheap the overall fee is huge. A real negative for the organization ATM.

Primary producer is good as the Shooters license is free however it does not entitle you to hunt pest animals on crown land or hunt on crown land.

FFS, this went from sane to insanity.

$15 - letter of intent form GMA (allowed to target shoot and hunt, but not deer)
$50’ish - deer permit (allowed to target shoot and hunt, inc. deer)
$free - letter from neighbour (allowed to target shoot and hunt, but not deer*).

Seriously, there is no need to overcomplicate this stuff.

*NFI how it works with deer permit/lack of on private property.

This only satisfies the Hunting reason right? How do you get the sport reason on then without joining a club?

I don’t need sport on my licence to shoot targets, I can go to the range if want or shoot targets on private property ( much more convenient for me) with a hunting endorsed license.
I’m not sure if you can hunt with a target licence, but it’s easy to ring lrd and have hunting updated on your licence with the proof of any of the above options.
I believe you can shoot deer on private property in Victoria without a game licence, I may be wrong though so check it out instead of taking my word for it.

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The State you live in has a big BIG relevance on the type of license you need to do the differing things. This was all about Victoria at least the info I gave was for Vic only. What Gun-DMC has said is Vic related. NSW and QLD have some strange requirements and we wont even go to WA

@Tempestman - not right. In Vic you just need one.
You can provide (and should) both reasons, target shooting and hunting. However a stalking permit or letter of intent is fine. Joining a club or an association, unless you actually want to or need to compete (e.g. handguns) is absolutely not required.


You’re Victorian right?

Going off a document the local DFO gave me when I did the safety course, they said that the hunting genuine reason doesn’t allow you to shoot targets on private property?


Are there other ways to provide a genuine reason for sport then, other than join the SSAA, who are starting to sound unpopular?

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Correct, on private property you’d need target shooting on your license, but that can be amended later. That’s what I did. That comes comes much later.

I know some bumpkins here would disagree, but we are city dwellers, so we go to the range a lot more than the paddock. I wouldn’t worry about it to start with.

Look, SSAA are c**ts. Organisational governance speaking. However they provide insurance for an extra $20 and discount range access. Operationally, in Vic at least, there’s financial benefit. And ranges are great, well, that’s what I think anyway.

Alternatively, you can look at the Shooters Union. That would be more of an ethical decision, than financial.

Or both.

In your situation, right now, since I’m familiar with it, I’d:
pay SSAA, because you’d make that money back from going to the range; if you don’t have $80-$100 or just under afaik to spare, $15 letter of intent is the way to go.

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I was just wondering if I made a bad move in forking out for the 5 year membership. Discount range access does sound nice though.

HAHA and I thought that our rules sucked, well they do but at renewal time you just go to the post office or do it online no need for letters etc. Just like renewing your drivers license.