Ordering stocks from USA

Folks, but really, @Brett and @no1mk3

I want to order a stock (old milsurp wooden stock) from US.

Item in questions: https://www.libertytreecollectors.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=8334

Ordering and receiving is not an issue. However, something I ran into a number of times now is that some shops (actually including Boyds website) will not send anything that costs over $100. Using mail redirect service is also a no go, because they won’t accept international payments for domestic orders.

Any tips or constructive suggestions would be awesome.

G’day mate,
Best option is to use the services of an Australian importer, such as Black Range, who have a partnership with an FFL dealer in the States who buys the item and exports it. The process is not cheap but can be the way to buy what is otherwise not available. I have used a friends contact to buy things this way and it cost US$75 on top of purchase price and shipping. There is/was an ex-pat living in NY who would do the same with non-restricted items for a small fee, as soon as I remember his name I will post it. Cheers.

Gday guys
Not sure how accurate the info is but I’d heard that the $100 limit has been raised to 500?? :+1:

There is conflicting info on the Boyd’s website as seen above.
It’s says can’t export over $100 and at the same time says limits been raised to $500.
I believe ITAR has been relaxed where it comes to sporting arms.
Maybe contact liberty tree and just ask them where there policy stands now.

@no1mk3 thanks and ex-pat name would be awesome.
@Daddybang yeah, I just don’t think anyone told the shops that
@GUN-DMC already have, trying to convince them now lol

Yeah the way it’s worded might mean the rise is only relevant to Canada?
:thinking: :beers:

I have just shot them an email, we should know either way soon enough :sunglasses:

Got an answer


We have a federal export limit that is dictated to us by law.
The export limit is $100 before shipping, per order.
Shipping varies from $50-$80.

You will have to choose a stock priced at $99 or less in order to get a stock directly from us. You can find all of our sale stocks at the link below. Please be aware that the inventory on this page changes weekly, so keep an eye on this page.

Rapid Fire Closeouts - https://www.boydsgunstocks.com/rapid-fire
We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your business

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks
25376 403rd Ave
Mitchell SD, 57301

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I think this is just the standard response from Boyds. I did however hear the same stuff that the limit was to be lifted to $500 from $100 but I thought it started next year or maybe the new financial year? can’t quite remember which

It sure will be great if and when it finally happens.
In the meantime though I had a look at Boyd’s “rapid fire” clearance link and there are over 600 stocks in there

Yeah the rapid fire isn’t bad at all, just have to wait for what you want to go on it, patience could save one a fair bit of money .

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Hopefully only a few more sleeps until we can order straight from boyds. :drooling_face:


Is it just me, or can we now order from Boyds. Because I just priced up something, and it hasn’t told me to stick it up my chamber because its more than $100…???

From memory, I think you can… But I guess you will know for sure at checkout when shipping rates are applied.

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I’m very interested to hear how you go


(well they took money at least)


May I ask how much you spent?

Hells yeah :hugs:

A very interesting development.

The basic stock was US$204
Freight was US$84

A bit of this, and a bit of that…oh jeez.

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