Omark model 44 223

Currently building my long range gun and was wanting to know if this threaded hole is standard? Its in the bolt slide and lines up with the rear trigger and trigger guard screw.

No i don’t think its standard…The flat portion is std. though. Must be fairly late model… is sdx005

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Definitely later that mine, i have a DKXXX, and had a DH076 these are both early 70s from memory

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what scope rail i will need for this rifle. Thanks

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If you can measure the hole spacing accurately, i might have something…You might have to drill it yourself??

Its a tapered one for long range…Its just a piece of ebay rail, i milled the taper to suit Omark 44 action. The hole close to the end matches the hole on the older Omark 44 action.

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That could be the 1. Ive just headed to my block for the weekend but will measure as soon as i get back tomorrow. Cheers

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Couple of pics of new to me forend rail


Traditional accessory rail…only way to go, i think…Anschutz origins i believe…