Norinco JW-21 (Winchester 94/22 clone) discussion

Traditional for me…BL22 someday…

@MaxJon what about Miroku or if you can find one, Norinco (@Supaduke model?). Miroku is literally BL-22. Norinco that @Supaduke has felt very nice, exactly like a Winchester

Tastes exactly like a whopper…sorry could help it…

I don’t get it

Norinco exactly like a winchester…

Uh, I get ya. To be honest, I felt the same. I do own 94/22 and after shooting Norinco I thought they were very comparable in feel and operation. Pretty solid and tight, at least my impression.

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Yes we take the piss out of Corona brand, but it’s come long way in certain items. My lathe is Corona, brand it does everything I ask of it…the electrics are a bit rude though.

I remember the Norinco had a very nicer trigger, better than your 96/22 though I much preferred the lever action of the Ruger.

It’s a JW-21 and is a straight up rip off of a 9422, most parts are interchangeable. It was surprisingly accurate, cycled well and all steel. I like it much more than I thought I would.

I once had a Norinco NZ75 9mm pistol…CZ copy…it shot pretty well, never malfunctioned once it was fed what it liked.