New long range rig.

So I picked up a new long range rig today.
Howa Bravo in 6.5cm, 26inch heavy barrel.
Meopta Meopro 6-18x50 scope sitting in a DNZ one piece mount. Knock Off Atlas bipod, 10 round steel accurate mag and a PWS triad flash suppressor (I would like a brake but I don’t like sitting next to others with a brake). Bought some Starline brass and a couple boxes of cheapy plinking ammo to function test it. I also have a KRG bipod spigot on the way.
Probably pop it’s cherry at Plinkfest unless I get a chance to get down to the range.
Looks very Tacticool and that’s just want I wanted.


Looks pretty cool mate.

Yeah that looks the go!!!
I’ve been playing with a mates 6.5 lately and really enjoy shooting it…nice and mild but a bloody accurate round!!! :grinning:

Ooooooooooo i like i like

You like everything.

Have you decided on your sniper rig yet mate?

Seems to be a new style of finish. All my other Howas have pretty deep bluing. This one I’m pretty sure is ceracoated.

Tactical oversize knob, which I wanted , is a nice touch on a Howa, it’s threaded on. The barrel and action has a very smooth matt finish. Overall for the price it scratched my tactical itch for a proper long range outfit.

The trigger is two stage and after a couple of dry fires it appears to be very nice. Time will tell. Over all fit and finish is excellent. The front action screw has a pretty tall Allen head on it. This was everso slightly fouling on the outer skin. A few seconds with the Dremel sorted it.

Pretty heavy, wouldn’t want to lug it anywhere. Came with all sorts of screws and fixtures, a small pic rail and spacers. Getting behind the rifle it feels solid and weighty. Hopefully it performs.
My goal is consistent sub-moa at 500m.

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You are making me have dirty thoughts.

Not again lol…

They never stop, I just base it on percentage of increase.

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Probably going to be one of these or a howa in a bi frost, but with the shot show coming up end of the year i think its an opportunity i can’t pass at to have a hold of alot of different rifles and stocks, i did have a look at this one the other day in gunco, by the grips felt massive in my dainty delicate little hands :joy:

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We should start a support group for people with small hands but… Big shoes.

I just don’t know what to say…

Thats why i needed a .50 cal, gotta make up for my small hands somehow

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It is quite thick in the grip area. I found it fitted nicely running my thumb up the spine of the stock, rather than trying to wrap it around.

Yeah, you’re a big boy.

Spigot mount arrived, quite the sexy beast now.

You are definitely heaps cooler than @AusTac now!

Austac you need to stop window shopping and drop some coin.


And when you are as cool as me, you don’t have to mention how cool you are
… cough.