New hunting rifle time

I just scored this little gem.
Now I just need one of my adds to sell so I can put a good scope on it.
Oh, i’m a happy little camper.

Very nice. The beginning of your single shot collection :slight_smile: I like it.

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Very nice indeed.

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I won’t ever own a single shot hunting rifle (when an 80 kg pig or a 600kg scrubber comes out of the bush I feel better knowing I’ve got a couple of shots in hand :rofl: ) but that’s a nice looking piece :grinning:

Huge pigs and crazy pissed off cows are not really a problem when I’m chasing goats, foxes or fallow deer which is what this will be used for.
I’m mostly looking for a weight saving over the smle sportier I’ve been lugging up and down mountains, not that I’ll be parting with the trusty ol’ three oh any time soon.

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You would want to be keen shooting bulls with a 243, if he wasn’t already crazy and pissed off shooting him with a 243 will soon make him lol.

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Thanks for spotting that for me. Just what I need. Lol

Too late, it’s his now lol

Very good buy. My moths would have escaped for that one. :sob:

Ha, ha, Ha, ha, Ha, ha, your confused. You mean gentle hills.

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I think he has you there.

I was more thinking of the sand hills up where the goats are, not the lazy stroll we did, lol. :grin:

Actual footage of @Oldbloke and @GUN-DMC hunting.



Plus you told me you didn’t need a 243 coz you got those buck thirtys for the -06.

@juststarting thanks for that. Good belly laugh. I needed that.
@GUN-DMC Correct don’t need a 243. The lightish 30-06 loads will be fine. And stopped looking. But bloody good buy. Reminds me of a 45-70 I’ve seen around.

That’s why I check the used gun sites 5 times a day Lol!

Pffft, rookie

Nah mate I use 90gr on scrubbers in the 243 out to about 80 mtrs. Not shooting for trophies so head or meat saver shots will drop them at those types of ranges. :+1:

For a bit of an example of the capability of the 243 Google “Tiny bullet Big bull” and watch a bloke take a buff with one!!:grinning:

Here’s one for you mate

Yeh, not bad. 28" is a long barrel. I think I’m just a tyre kicker :joy: :smile: Read tight arse.

But I spotted a new Marlin x7 243 this morning for $595 with a cheap scope. I looked for one for a few months ages ago and nothing turned up. Tempted but settled on the current option unless a super cheap Bargain turns up.

The Marlin would be a good buy if you were looking for a hunting rifle in 243.

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