New hunting rifle time

I was hoping to go and pick up the .243 today, but the permit isn’t back yet (WTF, its been 24 hours, what is this shit, communist western Australia?) so I’ve had to console myself die shopping.
Ordered 2 die set and a neck sizing die. I’ve never used a neck sizer before so it should be a good adventure.
Still not happy that I might have to wait until Monday to pick up the gun…

Neck sizing with neck bushing or Colette die?

colette neck die

Best neck die ever!


Permit approved, pick up thursday. Yea haw!

Good stuff, now you can start reloading for it already for plinkfest.

I have dies and pills on the way, I’ll get some brass on payday. But I won’t be plinking with it and I’ve still got a ton or reloading to do before plinkfest

Well you should have it all sort by plinkfest 2

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Picked up this little beauty today, its in even better nick than the add said.
Black Range Firearms was great to deal with and i’ll definitely be trading with them again.

They still owe me my wood. Suuuure, blame Trump. LOL

Anyway, @GUN-DMC pics, mate?

Lol I was just talking to him about your stock, he says its not far away, lol

Not far? Are we talking another continent or suburb lol. For reference, for everyone, I ordered a stock from them. Unfortunate Trump decided to shut the fuck down because nobody wanted to pay for the wall and exports got halted (i.e. US government shut down). So naturally I blame the shop, because they could have reasoned with Trump, explain the situation, how I’m waiting for my shit and he would have waved it through. But they didn’t!

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Thought I better pull my finger out and post some pics of it.
The scope has just been chucked on roughly atm. not sure of the final placement of the scope and I haven’t loaded any rounds for it yet.
I’ll get back soon with with a field report.

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Hmmmm all black, throw a rail and a light on underneath and call it tactical :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But it does look good.

I thought it had been mentioned but what make is it? My mind is a strange thing even though I had looked at the add the description of a single shot break open Rifle I had a mental vision of it being wood. Seeing it up close has now was a reality check.

Lol, it’s a CVA (Connecticut valley arms I think) with a Bergara barrel.

Im impressed for $300. Great buy.
Whats the scope? 2-7. or 3-9

It’s a 3-9 tasco world class elcheapo that came on something else, it’ll get me into the bush for now.

These just turned up too. It’s all coming up milhouse on thus one!

3-9 is perfect, imho.

I tried 1-5, 1-7, 3-9 and…

3-9 is perfect I recon.