New auction company starting up.

New kids on the block, competing with Australian Arms Auctions have their first auction coming up in late September.

Catalogue is now available. A lot of old revolvers if that’s your thing.

Interesting. Lots of items are really under valued. Like some of those Henry carbines will go for 1300-1500 but they show $600. Mmmmm

So many sexy things. So many.

Yeah I thought the exact same thing. Same with the K98. Even not in amazing condition, a K98 with a bayonet shouldn’t be listed for $600.

Maybe it’s starting price…I mean it’s an auction

Or maybe put as cheap price to get lot more people to come… bids the price high… happy seller

It was hard to scroll through the catalogue with all the drool on my keyboard. There were a few very nice bits & pieces there.
They always under price auction items, it pulls more punters into the contest.

Just like real estate agents…


The people running this event are not expert with military items, but with classic shotguns and antique pistols. They will improve but as this is their 1st time out alone (previously worked for the “others”) there estimates are way off the mark. Do your own due diligance regarding current market prices and availability and you should be OK. As for predatory pricing, no, just not familiar in some areas. I have studied pre and post auction prices on arms for over 20 years (my poverty enforces this) and 80% of catalogue estimates from the main players are good. I’m looking forward to David’s auction, as it has a very large amount of an old friends estate, (his firearms at least, all the goldfield relics have gone elsewhere), some of which is very rare. Read the catalogue and go along to support a new player. Cheers

Time permits, I might.

I swear you must know everyone @no1mk3. Haha. I had every intention of going to it when I met them at a gun show a few months back (Ballarat I think?) And then my best man has informed me that my bucks night is that Saturday. So maybe not…

They’ve got their new catalogue out for the March Auctions

Got some interesting stuff coming up, including a couple Ross Rifles.



I will inspect now.

Thanks for that @Tempestman . I couldnt find it.

Yeah, kinda meh and very low-ball pricing. Blued 92FS, mmm, yeah I’d like that though, but all in all very shotgunny

Tiger skin rug…thats pretty rare.

There’s some good stuff in that auction and the prices seem a bit more realistic (afforable) than the other one - but I’d like to know what all their “extra” costs are (buyer’s premium, shipping, etc).

No, their prices are a blatant lie, at least for guns. Low ball based on years of previous auction data. Do t buy into the ‘price range’ bullshit.

Yep low advertised pricing pulls the interest of more people which just helps keep the prices higher due to more potential bidders. Their reserves are probably above many of the price guides. Just a bunch of used car salesmen.


Just been through the catalogue and flagged everything I want to consider bidding on. Lots of pretty stuff, very little of which I can afford. The no reserve section is looking quite nice though!

Also, why is it that auction companies cannot group lots in some sort of sensible order? Why do I need to scroll the entire thing to find all the Lee Enfields spread throughout. It should not be that hard.