My Savage A22R is busted :(

I’ve had my A22R for less than a year but it had just died on me. 100% misfire rate, and the action was jammed.

So I have been warned not to dry fire a rimfire gun but I didn’t take it seriously… and this is what happened.

However my firing pin looks alright … so it was not the problem of bent firing pin

I think some of you can probably see where the problem is by now :slight_smile:

Since the gun was dead, it coudn’t be any worst right ? so I decided to disassembled it, give it a good scrub with …

And since the gun was already disassembled, I’ve decided to make a video RE the inner working of this gun and explain what was wrong with it.


Video Link :

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I was thinking surely it just needed a clean but the firing pin being separate did make me go huh?! :smiley:
I’m glad I used snap caps. I remember reading somewhere that some rimfires are OK with dryfiring but the Savage is not.
Very nice video showing the inner workings, it must be the most detailed video I’ve seen on the A22 so far.

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Yeah … snapcaps … I got them too but sometimes my hands are itchy and are lazy to get the snapcaps :frowning: sigh …
Thx for your comments. I am glad that you like it.

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Good video.

As @MangoBombs said some are good to dry fire but a lot aren’t, always pay to check the manual.


Manual? RTFM.


Sheesh, you lot are harsh bastards.



No, that’s pretty much it.

I doubt that the cause of the firing pin pin to break was dry firing. The A22 is a dirty gun because of the blowback design. I would bet JS balls that it was due to carbon build up that caused the damage in the first place. I never put the dust cap back on mine so I can pop out the bolt and give it all a wipe down, Heaps of shit build up next to the barrel in the action.

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:+1: makes sense.