My Cadet Project

Rightio, up until now I have been casting, reloading for, and using my Dads cadet.
I now have my very own. Admittedly it needs some love to restore it to its former beauty. The front wood has been cut down :weary:, and the barrel is rogered. Fortunately I have a brand new barrel which I will have installed on my return from work. Still chasing a front wood. I will also try to remove the rust and reblue.
Open to any and all advice from you fine chaps on here.


Is it still 310? Timbers ate pretty easy to find…I hope to be making high comb, pistol grip buttstocks for them in the new year…

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Yes mate still in 310. You helped me sort a suitable mold for my dads a while ago so I intend on keeping it the same mate.

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I have been on the hunt for front timber but I can’t seem to source any. I found a bloke that can make them though.

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I hope the mold suited you rifle…google Recoil Firearms…he should have plenty of timbers. His Name is Tim Pelns.

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And another bonus is old Timbo is a decent bloke as well


Legend thanks for the info mate.

When you’re in the know, you’re in the know lol @CAVOK when you go to his little cave of treasures, be ready to spend, there’s shit there you won’t see anywhere else. In fact, I think I will make a trip next week, just because why not.


Tim does have a neat little set up. Last time I visited, he had a cache of Lithgow Lee-Enfields.

Only problem is that it’s right under the West Gate - an actually pain in the balls to drive to from the east side of town.

Are you riding a horse?

I just hate the rat run on Punt Rd/Olympic Boulevard/City Rd.

I used to drive or ride the bike past there every morning when I first started work at the Dockyard down that way. Not so hard to get to.

eh when you’re driving with intent, balls don’t hurt

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Would love to visit in person however it’s quite the trip from up here in NQ.
Will definitely have a yarn to him though. Thanks again gents.


I live 1hr drive away, and have not been there…Every time i want to visit he is not at the shed. But i do see him at club shoots…

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His website says by appointment only from memory.

Yes try getting that appointment…He is a plumber also…

The 310 is in with a smith getting a brand spanking new barrel screwed in, and I have ordered a new front wood for it. Starting to get excited.

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Allen.Swan ?

No mate, an original still in the grease.