My Cadet Project


New barrel fitted. Now awaiting my front wood from Hatchers.


Cant wait to see it! Did you go with the original 310? Or??

Yeah mate, original 310 barrel. Brand spanker my Dad had sitting around for about 40yrs.

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My front wood has turned up. It does need a bit of work as I was told when I ordered it. Looking forward to getting into it.

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Can i ask where you got the timbers from?

Yeah mate I got it from Cameron Hatcher at Hatcher rifle stocks. Mate i am more than happy with the wood, all holes drilled in the correct spot, just needs a bit of sanding and a finish and it will look a million bucks.

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Any pics of the buttstock??

Have not long pulled it off and started sanding it mate. If there is a bit of of interest I will include some more pics as I go.


Here is the stock. I have pulled it off and given it a light sanding, I want to keep the CMF stamps etc.

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The front wood that had been sporterised.

I wished they had not done that. Anyhow here is the new front wood that I have started working on.