My absolute peeve about Australian gun shops

The fact that they don’t operate 24/7/365 like 7/11. Just shits me. Sometimes you just want to go to a gun shop at 11pm, because you had an urge.


Definitely a satisfying thought mate. I’d bloody settle for them being open all day Saturday. Saturday morning in my local is absolute mayhem.


7 days be good too.


Definitely to the seven day opening thing. And maybe late night at the weekends and not Thursday? I’ve got shit to do during the day at the weekend.

Yeah it surprises me that recreation focused businesses like gun shops, tackle stores etc aren’t open all day Saturday and Sunday. Yes they would have to pay overtime, but surely they must be pretty quiet mid week?

Ahhh the benefits of working FIFO, you get to go there during your week off, Monday to Friday when it’s quiet.

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They should close Mondays and be open Saturday and Sunday. And open 10am-9pm on a Friday.

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x100 yes!

Close Monday, Tuesday.
Pay staff mid week and go shooting. Work weekends when all you loons are out to spend cash.

7 days trading…

I’m still astounded Gold Coast Shooters Supplies are closed at the weekends.

Forget ubereats, we need ubershoots!
Couple of clicks and a dude on a scooter turns up with 1000 primers, 500g of 2208 and a pizza!


Now you’re talking mate :+1:t2:

Was talking about this with a mate whilst heading off for a hunt one morning, would be great if there were open so we could swing past at 3 in the morning lol, also be open on the weekend and closed monday tuesday or whatever

Beyond gun shops, it’s the same for most businesses, like when I worked in CBD and on occasion you need a new shirt or whatever… Much easier to pick it up on the way in to the office or home from the office. Yet, those places open 9:30-10am to 5, although later they were open until 6-7pm, maybe something clicked. Like, ffs, the people who buy your shit need money to buy your shit, so maybe work around their business hours. Anyway… What started off as a joke… Nice to see I am not the only one.

Aquariums are all over it, they know people with jobs spend money on fancy fish so they open all weekend and we spend money then.

I’ve genuinely never understood how the 9-5 retail hours thing has worked since about the 1980s. Sure, I get back in the 1950s women didn’t work as much so could go buy stuff while their husband was at work, but everyone’s been working for decades and it doesn’t make sense to be open only the same hours as the people who are buying your stuff are at work and can’t come to your store.

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I think alot of it has to do with us, the consumer.
We now have access to bigger and better choices on the internet and in general the prices are cheaper as internet “shops” don’t have the overheads that a real brick and mortar shop does. So we as consumers (read tight arses) will save money and buy from the net. The retailers lose money so cut back on their overheads which means cutting back on opening hours.

We also want to be paid the most possible which generally means that those who work weekends or nights want penalty rates so then the prices go up to compensate for the higher overheads which then drivers us to buy on the internet where the prices are cheaper… rinse and repeat. Simple economics.

Pet/animal shops ect can justify being open on weekends due to the fact that they have to come in and feed/clean the animals anyway so why not sell stuff as well. Plus it is a bit hard to get your new cat/dog/fish sent in the mail for some reason.

There’s a bit to unpack there, @1Fatman. I don’t think I agree with a couple of assumption, but the main takeaway I see is that you are suggesting that gun shops start selling pet mice and birds. That’s thinking out of the box!

Come over to Wait Awhile, totally different hours, woolies and your major supermarkets shut at 5 in some places haha

I’m surprised you’re allowed inside. In North Korea, they are just for show.

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