More lever release awesomeness

Well, things are happening…

Plus some random ones from Gun Emporium, the Bushmiester and the Buckmaster. Mmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm


Seems like the industry really took notice of the success of the CZ 515 and the Savage A22R.

Reckon they’ll be Australian exclusive, or also be available in other countries with heavily controlled semis?

I hope a lever release centrefire is going to come soon.

No, most countries don’t control semis. Those that do, don’t have guns in general.

Now we’re getting somewhere…I’d buy one of those for sure.
If only the stupid Gubmint let us have our good old pumpy shotties none of these even faster creations would likely have ever be called for.
Suck it Gubmint, your stupidity has created an entire market of demand & innovation which is only getting better and better. :laughing:

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Ahhh man and I just got a tac 12

It’s trickling in…

They have arrived… The Templeton Arms T2000 push button shotguns have arrived. Tactical 20", Synthetic 20" and 28", and 28" Walnut. Synthetic guns all $1299, Walnut stocked $1350.



Source, Gun Emporium FB page

The only concern is that this shotgun could be this shotgun and that would suck! Otherwise, good speed, happy!

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its definitely not the same gun at all

@keklord I wasn’t meant to be negative, quite the opposite. Was thinking more about the action more so than the gun, but in general I am a big fan :slight_smile: I own one (not this one, but one). The more people get them, the more cool stuff we get to have.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

the action isn’t the same either. the button does nothing to the shell carrier unlike the pardus

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Love it!

…and more… This is getting interesting.

It sure is, that looks interesting.

Yeah, I am really into the whole look.

Based on the Sulan straight pull it should be pretty good quality too.

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With a bit of luck we should be able to check them out in the flesh in Feb.


not a fan of lever release. cat b

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@keklord not a fan of the action or not a fan of it being under cat B?

They might suddenly have a market in Canada now :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooof fucking burn.

If it was upto me every gun would be cat a. At least the push button guns are Cat A in Victoria. Anyone in the know, knows what that means

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