More lever release awesomeness

Well, things are happening…

Plus some random ones from Gun Emporium, the Bushmiester and the Buckmaster. Mmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm


Seems like the industry really took notice of the success of the CZ 515 and the Savage A22R.

Reckon they’ll be Australian exclusive, or also be available in other countries with heavily controlled semis?

I hope a lever release centrefire is going to come soon.

No, most countries don’t control semis. Those that do, don’t have guns in general.

Now we’re getting somewhere…I’d buy one of those for sure.
If only the stupid Gubmint let us have our good old pumpy shotties none of these even faster creations would likely have ever be called for.
Suck it Gubmint, your stupidity has created an entire market of demand & innovation which is only getting better and better. :laughing:

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Ahhh man and I just got a tac 12