Milling black powder?

I have some fff black powder but I need some really fine stuff to use as priming powder.
Can I just mill it down in a mortar and passel?
I know it will be labour intensive but i don’t need very much.

Do it, and if your posting in the morning we’ll know if its a good idea or not


It can flash. The coating on modern powder stabilizes it quite well, but Black needs very little pressure or heat to detonate. 3F will work in the pan of a flintlock, just make sure to have a nice edge on the flint. There is a means of doing what you want but it is not something I would describe on a public forum, as it can be hazardous if not done perfectly, One thing you can do, is sieve your powder, there are fines within 2F and 3F that can be sieved out and this is essentially the difference between Swiss powder and others in that the Swiss is better sieved, Cheers.

BP is known in the industry for being particularly sensitive… So don’t do it.

Sieving seems a sensible way to go. How much do you need?

Only need a tiny bit.
I have a 1kg of 3f so I’ll just sieve some out of there instead of risking doing something silly.
Cheers guys.

Keep the bit you are working with small whatever you do would seem the sensible thing.

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Also, if possible it’s best to use a brass or copper sieve. But they are pretty scarce. But maybe an old car petrol filter?

You still around @GUN-DMC? Or blown up? :joy:

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still here haven’t tried with the BP yet still doing research on the best / safest way, so far the plan is just to sieve it with a tea infuser.

Or perhaps “rub” it through the the tea infuser using a piece of hard wood wooden dowel with a smooth rounded end. Slooowly…

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Look at this on eBay

I just ordered this on eBay, Aust seller so shouldn’t take long to get here

Whatever you do, when you’re “milling your powder, DO NOT KEEP IT DRY.” I know next to nothing about making Black Magic, but I happen to know that dry powder is very much and very easily ignitable…

There is a plethora of making Black Magic videos on YouTube. Enjoy G.D.

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LMBO!!! Talk about that insane Aussie Humor! I love it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

After careful consultation with my favorite safety bloke @Oldbloke is to just sieve out some of the finer material out of the fff I have.
I’ll do this with this.

I will only do a very small amount at a time and I will earth the sieve and myself to prevent any sparks. And I’ll do it all well away from my powder store.

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If that doesn’t get it fine enough I’ll wet grind that stuff in my mortar and passel.

The manufacture of black powder involves the “grinding” of the three raw material components in a wet, slurry like, process. The amalgam is then dried and milled, then sieve sorted, this being the most hazardous part of the process.
If you are now going to “wet grind” the finished product, how do you propose milling it to the fineness that you want, once it is dry?
If you read any of the history of the manufacture of BP, you’ll soon come to realise that many facilities had to be rebuilt (some, several times) because they had been destroyed by explosion.

As the old saying goes, “Keep your powder dry”.

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You wont need to earth using stainless, A discharge wrist strap for yourself is not a bad idea when doing almost anything with Black, can be had from any computer store, but another way is simply to touch something metal before starting to ensure you don’t have a static charge built up. (The Mrs is incredible for this, used to zap the poor dogs nose sometimes!) I use an old brass mesh from a broken flour sifter to make priming powder for the flintlock, best of luck and put up a pic of shooting too! Cheers.

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In my view a good earth is mandatory at all times whilst doing this type of work. Whether it’s the sieve or person is irrelevant. But person is best option. There are many ways it can be achieved and the wrist band you mention is one.

In the industry they use brass or copper sieve.

As I’m in no rush to shoot the BP I have ordered one of these

Thanks @no1mk3 I didn’t even know such a thing existed.
Once I get all my ducks in a row I’ll be sure to get pics, BP always looks cool when it goes bang!

A similar thing is used in the industry. But I remember amount of resistance was not the same. But for your purpose will be fine. With the proviso you earth as I suggested on Friday.

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