Melbourne Gun Shop Recommendations

What shops in Melbourne do you recommend? I’ve just been going to Clayton Firearms for everything. My LGS in Box Hill never open on weekends.

Last time I was down there I had a good experience at Gunco. Mega stock and a nice chat with staff.
Another place in Ringwood area, not too far from the Kincrome factory outlet, nice people.
I drive around powder and projectile shopping when I get back to Melbourne and drive home with about 50kg in the car back to NT :slight_smile:

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Centreway for everything (and black powder!). This is a must if you shoot and live in Melbourne.
Gunco for powder and apparel (also excellent firearms range) - good shop, but very busy. Huge reloading section.

Mialls for transfers, locally.

Clayton is expensive, but stocks mostly high end stuff, good for safes though.

Everything else, is just matter of going and seeing what they have, how much, etc. Centreway is the go though.

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BTW Clayton has very good staff, except one dude, there is always one arsehole, they have no idea how much money they lose in opportunity cost when people walk in and this prick starts ‘helping’ them. Chris, I think he is the store manager (maybe?) is awesome, very good, honest and experienced advice always.

I’ve heard good things about Centerway - though their website is annoying to use (Gen Z problems heh). It’s same distance for me as Clayton, so I suppose I should start visiting.

I like Clayton staff, very friendly, always keen for a chat. I bought my Ruger American from them.

Just don’t tell them that you know JS, they will charge you double lol… :crazy_face::rofl::rofl:

…or rape you and tell you to pass on the message. LMAO


“Centreway for everything”

I rarely go elsewhere. Nearly an hours drive though so only go a couple of times a year or if in the area. Heaps cheaper than any of the LGSs.

Pretty good service too.

I’ve generally always gone to gunco, i had a mate there who looked after me, had really bad experiences with my ’ local ’ which is O’Reillys, but i also haven’t had the need to go to a shop in quite a fea months, created a bit of a stock pile which i’m slowly getting through

Oh, I just thought you were getting jiggy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Centreway is the go. Brought my first rifle there and will always drop in if I am in the area. Much better than some of the more local shops.