Melbourne CBD in lockdown

It’s a party down here…

“Melbourne’s CBD is in lock down after a man was shot by police when he set his car alight and stabbed two people on busy Bourke Street.”

Fun times :confused:

I just saw a really short newsflash on this… your locked down?? or is all under control now??

Me, nah, I’m a few blocks away, close enough to hear, but not see… But a terrorist getting blasted did impact wife’s and my dinner plans. I’d happily eat and watch him getting “managed”.

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Couple of good things about it;

You were not involved.
And as bad as it sounds glad that it was not gun related.

2 injured and 1 unfortunately dead. Not counting the one that got shot.
Here is a clip to it.

Well, pretty sad and disturbing. Some poor person was going home on Friday night and bam. Just really sad.

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Aaaaaand here we go, the cherry has been popped… No more drugs or mental illness.

“We are treating this as a terrorism incident,” Victorian police chief commissioner Graham Ashton said on Friday night.

Both the attacker and his family are known to have radical links…why are they still in the country??? :rage:

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I’m guessing because they are citizens… It’s a complicated world. You either have to accept some risk or give up some freedoms, like 1984. It’s not a trivial fix, not retrospectively.

Yeah I suppose it can be a short step from National security to national tyranny :beers:

I wonder if the “setting the car on fire” was a failed suicide bombing. As to the fact he and his family were known to police, I imagine they are among thousands of others with similar backgrounds. Pretty hard to be watching the right Idiots at the right time all the time.

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@Wombat the news over here last night said that he had the car full of BBQ sized gas bottles so it might have been.

They had taken his passport to prevent him traveling to syria… maybe I’m a bit naive but let the wannabe jihadis go to a war zone (with a tracker placed on them) when they land call in the RAAF and be done with’em. Sorry I just can’t take extremism(of any type) :beer:

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Yeah, little. Issue is not with them going, issue is with them coming back. 1. You can’t not allow a citizen back in and even if they are convicted, at some stage they will get out. Not to mention your tax dollars paying for their legal affairs, etc. 2. When they come back, they are trained and battle hardened. Better to keep a toy soldier here, than letting them go with a hope that they will get killed.

Didn’t the Parliament enact legislation to revoke citizenship for these scum??

Right on, Daddy.
I think it’s been reported that he and/or his family came here in the 1990’s. They might subsequently have been granted citizenship. I also think it would be the right of any nation, having once granted citizenship, could also revoke it if the person no longer fit the criteria to be “good citizen”?
Behave as a responsible Australian, or “be gone with you”.


If they only have Australian citizenship yes.

Correct at face value. However, you’d need the permission of the other country to deport someone and usually those countries say no or that they will kill them and we don’t send people back if that’s the case. Like I said, it’s muddy AF and smarter people than us, the armchair philosophers, tried. Integration is pretty much the only way. Or just ban immigration, but that’s an entirely different issue thay would cripple a civilized country. But also, is it a problem in Australia? I mean that’s one confirmed crazy (not even confirmed yet) ever. There’s always a level of risk, regardless. Sort of like crossing a road. You can take precautions, but there is a chance… This is the same. So emotional reaction a side, one unconfirmed, but most likely, terrorist in all this time, that’s not really a risk…

I don’t know why I read comments section anymore, I just get frustrated at stupidity… And at the same time impressed with the posters for being so dumb and yet actually remembering how to breath. So I am reading about the officer who killed the terrorist…

One of the comments:

I have often wondered why police don’t have batons. They are a good defence against a knife and can be used to knoeck a weapon out of an offender’s hand. I’d like to know please.

You’d like to know, ay? ROFL. What a tool. Yes a large guy, crazy, who just blew his car up and killed/injured a number of people is coming after you and your partner. And there you are, pulling your night stick out, yelling, en garde! what an arsehat.


And they are the sort of person that runs in the other direction instead of helping someone in danger. Would love to give them a baton and say protect yourself while someone comes at them, even in a training scenario.

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