Maybe i'm just being precious?

A photo of my scratched bolt hard to get it in the right light though

I reckon a few minutes on the buff wheel would make it look a whole lot better. Without taking too much material off. Start with the stitched and some black compound then switch to the loose with some brown and bobs your uncle.

Pretty much what @sungazer said.

After that, clean and inspect the action body, maybe a burr on one edge somewhere, or hopefully just a bit of grit that has already washed away. Cheers.

As the others have said, it is worth spending a bit of time buffing it out. They don’t look like they are really deep.

Should we ask how you managed it:wink::innocent:

I did thinking about buffing but i don’t have the right gear to do it properly i’ve no doubt it’ll clean up alot of it though, but still… i think it must have caught the corner of the action but it shows no real deformation

@1Fatman stupid me made a cheek riser out of foam but forgot how far the bolt needed to come back to remove it, i got the rifle from the car and had to remove to bolt to walk the gun up to the line ( range rules ) it was about 30 degrees so there i was i opened the bold and bam it got wedged up by the foam fairly stuck i ended up with my leatherman carefully cutting so i didn’t nick the stock gave the bolt a few wiggles and pulled it out eventually when enough foam was removed, went up to the line and the bolt stroke just felt different so i oiled it a bit and shot my group removed the bolt again and was a little shocked at what id done, the bolt was pretty smooth on this gun, i’m worried if i start trying to fix it it’ll end up loosey goosey like my lee enfield which has like a solid wobble

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Bugger. It is always the little things that stuff up a good plan.

Its a bit of a common fix on the 303 to close the top of the action with a little nudge to get the bolt tracking smoothly.

Sorry but its terminally stuffed.
I’ll give you $500 for it for parts value.

Or you could just keep on shooting a perfectly serviceable rifle with cosmetic issues…

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Supercheap auto does a cheap buffing kit if you have a bench grinder.

@Wombat Don’t be silly. You don’t need to make a donation. I’ll give him $100. That’s all it’s worth now.

@AusTac Buy some 1200 wet and dry and give it a light work out. Then buff/polish. It’ll be fine.

Understand you’re pissed but really should make no difference to the rifles functionality.
But the $100 offer is good. Lol

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@AusTac check this one out mate, - it will do long range no problem. Broken bolt, bent barrel, wrong ammo, incorrect bullet diameter, this gun will just work. Highly recommend.

Naah mosins arn’t my thing, one of my dream guns is a enfield enforced though, seen one behind glass and they’re a gorgeous rifle, might try and polish that bolt tomorrow with the dremel, got nothing to loose i fuigure

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That’s one ugly gun. You should dream bigger. Now, Mosin sniper variant, that’s some badass shit right there. It’s so badass, they made a movie about it.

Would that be “The good, The bad and The ugly”???

Isn’t that the one about @Oldbloke’s younger years?

I thought that the Noah movie was about him. Russel Crowe played him really well.

Gave things a bit of a polish, has come up not to bad…


And you’re back in business!

Lol. Puts all my bolts to shame. I’ll give you $110. :smile: