Martini cadet parts.....

Ok besides Rebel Gunworks, who has all the martini cadet spares?? Thought of just buying another gun, but PTA, postage and transfers, make it not really viable.

Try Wattle Grove at Amamoor, nr Gympie Qld.

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I can’t wait till the world gets over this COVAIDS bullshit and we can get back to the gun shows, they’re always a great source of weird n wonderful odds n ends. Not that I’ve been able to find a mag spring or follower for my Arisaka. :pensive:

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@bentaz Liberty Tree Collectors have all that.


Just looked, they have the spring but no follower.

Try Jeff Pannan mate, he runs the Melbourne gun shows also. I can text you his number if you like…

I asked Geoff already, but thanks.

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I wish the people who do the gun show rounds would just get with the program and get websites. I know they’ve got a lot of random stuff but they’d probably do more business (and not have to cart their shit all over the country) if they were online so people could find that they had available.


Yeah I hear you, but the shows are enjoyable!

Not as much as they used to be. It’s the same stuff (often way overpriced) and unless you’re there when the doors open all the good deals are gone pretty quickly. The last one I went to had a whole heap of “not even remotely related to guns or military collectibles” stuff there too, and frankly I resent getting charged just to walk through the door too.

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I’ve mainly been to them for milsurp accessories such as bayonets and slings and have got some good deals on that stuff but I’ve always been surprised by the prices of firearms.

If you have a crap Turkish Mauser that you need to sell and you want $500 for it, probs don’t try and sell it at a show where most of the people are going to know that it’s a rip off?

I think part of it is that I also hate the haggling. I suspect the reason said Turk Mauser is $500 is I am expected to go and offer $150 and the seller will be offended and walk away and then I’ll offer $250 and he’ll be more interested and then we’ll do our little dance and end up at $300. However, my anxiety means I’ll just walk away and he doesn’t sell it.

Agree the firearm prices can be a bit rich. Keep in mind tho, good milsurps do appreciate. I like being able to hold the firearm prior to.purchase, as apposed to the websites. But in saying that, the Carcano I bought from a dealer, and member of the club turned out to have a stuffed barrel. My 25/303 I bought online was exactly what the guy said it was, good honest gun! Go figure…I have not seen ol mate dealer, and member of my club, but it will be interesting when I do!!

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Why the fuck would you chop the action!! What a wanker!! Would have been easier to unscrew the barrel!! I will never buy from this butcher!!

Would this be from a certain gunshop that tends to chop up alot of guns and sells them for parts?

Yeah that guy can eat a broken glass and shit sandwich!

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Guys, I don’t think that you have given this much thought.
Also, I have bought parts from him from what would otherwise be junk firearms. You want the barrel? Step right this way - have I got a deal for you.
This might be the scenario. The barrel is still OK, but the action/receiver is rooted. Easier to trash the receiver and write it off by putting a cut-off saw through it than go to the trouble of unscrewing. And, he doesn’t have to worry about the thread being damaged.

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What @oldAG said. Old gun parts have to come from somewhere and while the action or majority of the gun might be stuffed, things like the barrel or the hammer or the trigger assembly or whatever might be salvageable - so by destroying the action, they’re getting rid of the hassle of dealing with a PTA-required action that no-one wants (or probably ever will want) and can then part out the stuff that’s still useful to people who want it.

I understand both sides of this argument. However this shop seems to have a 100% chop up and sell parts policy.
They cant all be beyond resale or use.

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That ad and the browning trombone ad above it both say the barrels are rubbish.
I’d love to know how you wear out a cadet action?

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I struggle with chopping up military relics…

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