Looking for empty powder bottles

Does anyone have a spare one or two empty ADI 500gm or therw about powder bottles theyd like to donate. Will cover postage.

I generally buy in 2-4kg tubs and then use a smaller bottle for ongoing use. And I’m all out of smaller bottles.

@Brett @wylie27 @sungazer I feel like you fellas would have a stash.

Likewise I could go a few 500gm myself.

Unfortunately i just moved and ended up tossing out my old containers.

I’ll probably just use those ‘sistema’ boxes.

Why can’t you just keep it in the 4kg tubs?

I generally work with a smaller bottle and top it off from bigger tub. That way if I spill or drop it, it’s not a totally waste. Also avoids mixing stuff that’s going in and out of a hopper with main batch.

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Pretty sure powder bottles are designed to be low static. Got graphite mixed in with the plastic.

With most plastics there is a static risk.

I might add. I use those containers for loaded ammo and I havent noticed any static yet.

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I use them for ammo too, OB.

Like a thrower, when you run powder through it a few times or should anyway, to coat it with graphite… I may just grab a box and swirl graphite around a couple of times and it will be good to go.

I remember you suggesting graphite for neck sizing, which was an awesome suggestions… Then I took it a little further.

“Imperial Dry Neck Sizing Lube”

Wet tumbler I got came with bunch of BBs. And hair product I use comes in a roughly the same box as the one in the photo.

So, graphite, box, BBs and I’ve been using it very successfully. I’ll just fish the BBs out, shake them in the new box and put them back. Should be fine. After that, powder will reapply graphite from itself.

Agree, that was what I was thinking too. Not as good as the original bottles but should help reduce the risk. Rub some on the out side too.

The idea is to to allow the static to disipate to what the container is standing on. (earth or air) So static needs to find its way to the outside and bottom of container. Just rub some on outside and base. Should be fine. Eventually you’ll pick up some proper bottles.

An alternative would be some very lightly built steel containers. I still have a can of shotgun powder in one.

You can also test the container by rubbing it on some synthetic trousers or shirt. Like you would have with a comb when you were a kid, just a couple of years ago. Lol.


I’ve got a few, but no idea what postage would cost. Have you had a look at your local $2 shop? They usually have an assortment of plastic storage containers that might do the job for you.

Yep, all sorted, just using generic containers.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy to use container to store your powder in smaller quantities try these.

The pouring spout is of reasonable size and should do the trick.

That did not occur to me and we actually have those. Awesome idea, and I don’t mean awesome for Western Australian. I mean, this is right up there with Vic ideas.

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Also, is that a bonner in the photo. LOL

Yep, I got excited knowing that you would see the photo :heart_eyes:

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I know im being pedantic. But pretty sure that legislation requires powder must be stored in original container. (in Victoria)

Reason being its designed to minimise impact/risk if it goes pair shaped.

Got a feeling ammo is the same.

P. S. Ammo would be much lower risk.

Nobody likes OH&S.

Until someone dies or loses a leg on the job. All changes then.

OHS is a union scheme to get control of the world and to reduce productivity.

Are you looking for fight? Or just baiting for fun?

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