Is there much interest in milsurps anymore

@747IAC what are you looking at in terms of dollars, just interested in definition of reasonable? I haven’t bought a milsurp in a while, I think I am up to date, but yeah, interested.

With you on the unmolested part. Unless it’s original there’s no point (with some exceptions, but not many).

i would pay 1k for a really good one not stuffed around or drilled but a rifle in poor condition non matching is pulling the 1100 mark

I think 12-1400 will get what you are looking for, matching numbers etc…

I think $1100 will get you what you are looking for! Just put in offers. But I really do think you are in a price range. 1200+ - I disagree. I guess there’s a difference between waiting and hoping and maybe reaching out to a few dealers, maybe drop a ‘wanted’ ad. It’s just a matter of how much you want it :slight_smile: But I recon you are in a price range. Especially now where ammo for it is freaking expensive, projectiles and brass is freaking expensive and shooting cast through it is (close your ears @MaxJon) is like jerking off at a brothel.

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Haha, they are Anti cast!

I am most certainly not anti-cast, everything has it’s place. 6.5x55 and cast - wrong place :slight_smile: In fact I shoot thousands of cast bullets and cast my own. I just discriminate about where it should and shouldn’t.

Yeah they are ok upto 1000fps after that the 8 twist makes too many RPM, resulting in a shotgun pattern on the target, and a barrel full of lead shards. But they are extremely accurate at south of 1000fps at 50m. You can physically see them go out the barrel, they rise about 2ft over 50m!!

as you say cast projectiles have their place as i use them in my 44-40 and 357/38 rifles and am about to do so in my 303 out to 200 yards but more i am not sure but hey if i get some great lead/copper and tin mix maybe but hey i am always open, as for the 1k mark it is a start

i have just taken delivery of my new swedish 6.5 and i got it for $700 so very happy and the condition is great but now i need to build a concrete vault to keep my firearms safe


What model swede did you get?

a M38 in great condition

a Husqvarna m38

Nice, i have a 1944 Husqvarna M96 civilian target rifle…never seen conflict

96 went out of production early didn’t they i have only seen m38s from 1938 on

Funny that… lol!