Is there much interest in milsurps anymore

Decided to setup up a poll based on milsurps and their interest for today’s modern shooter! I think it would be interesting to find out, most younger guys I shoot with shudder when I mention “I’m bringing the 6.5 Swede or the Mosin” :rofl: as if it’s a time bomb ready to explode.

  • Own, and also like to shoot them
  • Strictly modern firearms
  • I like all firearms
  • Never held or shot any milsurp

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I’m the exact opposite @JMC_Def every younger shooter drools over an idea of milsurps. Especially iconic milsurps or something that dwarfs 6.5Creedmoor or 223 in appearance.

I think, I know, over the last two years milsurps jumped in price, $300 upwards. I paid $450 for a quality/very good condition 91/30 a couple of years ago. They fetch so much more the than that. Basically price doesn’t justify the gun any more to anyone other than dedicated collectors. Younger shooters, I think, just can’t afford a lot of them, compared to what they could get in terms of looks and quality for the same money.


Yeah 100% mate, the milsurp market has shifted so dramatically over the past 5 years it’s not funny, You could buy Gustavs and Mosins for a mere fraction of the cost only a few years ago. It’s great for the guys who own these firearms I’m not complaining there:+1:
But I also think it’s awesome nowadays that younger gen shooters can get into sport shooting or a hunting at much more affordable price than I could!

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Spot on. You can buy a pretty average and unremarkable SMLE Mk III* for $1200 or have a brand-new Howa with scope and get change for the same price. Nearly everyone I’ve tried to get into service rifle shooting has balked at the price of an entry-level gun.

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I have to agree with the wanting to own one. I have a Gustav at home which was modified/sporterised so though the barrel and action are original the rest is not.

I think that there should be an extra choice on the poll of " I don’t have but want to buy one"
Once i get my other project out of the way i will start looking into getting a couple, starting with the must have SMLE.

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I have an SMLE, type 99 Arisaka, Mauser 98, Greener police gun and have had Carcano and Swede Mauser.
But based on the jump in prices I’m not likely to buy many more. I’m sort of kicking myself I sold the Swede, crapcano I don’t miss.

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Must have is certainly not an SMLE. Just so boring and ugly.

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I think the centenary of Gallipoli pushed up the 303 prices and the others have just followed suit.

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@bentaz nice to see someone else hating on carcano’s. I love all guns, but I love to hate the carcano the most!

All the hate out there for the crapcano made me want to get one and see what all the fuss was about and it was just a ‘meh’ kind of a thing, I’d still have it except for @juststarting wanted it so I traded it to him, he loves it so I’m glad it’s gone to a happy home

As someone who got into shooting mainly for the historical aspect, I’ve learnt fast that if you want milsurps, you need to do a lot of research into both the gun and the price and then have the money ready to go when you see a bargain.

I’ve been told by a LGS owner that the internet drove the prices up. He said if he got an SMLE in and couldn’t put it online, he’d be lucky to sell it for $400 as your average shooter has no interest (this was in a rural area BTW). However, he puts it on used guns and it’s gone in a few days.

All my milsurps have been purchased at under your average price, and some of them, well under. Having a LGS that knows what you’re after also helps. I think they just like that I’m a bit different to every other farmer in buying nothing but .22 and .223.


I do like the Carcano. I just wanted one because it just demonstrates that you don’t need a fancy gun to take care of business lmao. Allegedly (according to @bentaz).

I got some others too :smirk:

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No such thing as a boring gun, ugly yes but certainly not boring. I consider the SMLE a must have as it is an iconic part of Australian history and military life that requires love and respect.

It might just be an old fart way of looking at it but one day you too will be an old fart as well. :rofl::rofl::rofl::innocent::sunglasses::crazy_face::joy:

I have a No.5Mk1 That’s enough 303 for me :slight_smile:

Actually, I also have 303-25. And if you really want to go down hard core milsurp and Australian history path, I have Snider 577 and Martini Henry too. So you know…

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Oh yeah I have a martini Enfield also.

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I find there is usually a lot of interest in my milsurps. I have also found that many are a bit scared of them, especially younger fellas. They all think they are brutal and heavy, the metal buttplate makes them wince. Then they shoot one and it’s all smiles.
But as mentioned, Milsurps are getting expensive. Certainly not a cheap option anymore.
If you have limited budget it can be hard to justify spending $1000 or more for a rifle that is twice as heavy and half as accurate as a modern sporting rifle.
They are really a luxury and indulgence these days.
There are no practical reasons to own one over a modern rifle. You have to enjoy the history and engineering. Looked at purely from a functional point of view they are often clunky and a bit shit.
Milsurps are like golf, you either get it and you’re into it, or you’re not.

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Ever since i saw a no4 mk 1 enfield i wanted one, have owned 3 in the past but kept the ’ best ’ one and moved the other two on big mistake that was! They’re big heavy chunky guns, mines a bit old and needs some tlc but getting that thing new out of the factory would have been a pretty sweet gig

And then theres the carcano, to light to be a boat anchor, but to heavy to be a hiking pole, good paper weight though

Why did I sell my K31?? Why did I sell my bitcoins in 2015??? Blyat!

@JizzFlinger, is this you?