Is that a bulge in your pants or did you just shoot a Glock (Glock bulge discussion)

I grabbed some of the brass we got from border force. I’ve been warned it does require a bit of work (a lot is glock fired and something about the primers being set for auto) but free is good.

A lee factory crimp die is the best for glock fired brass as it knocks down the bulge they put in them down low.

@Mullmans (and @Gregfiddich) - re: “glock fired”

If it fires a little out of battery, that’s an issue, you will get a bulge. And you will have the case swaged into your chamber and you will have to smash your iron sights against wooden baffles to open the slide or similar to get that fucker out, it’s not going to open by hand. Unless you got gorilla strength of course.

However, my guess is that those guns are all covered by servicing and haven’t been abused. And it has to be a pretty bad bulge. This would be once fired brass and most likely okay.

In reality, this is all once fired and will be fine in CZ. I tried every life hack lol, you need tool for the job or custom equipment. As for Lee die - or any die for that matter, that’s not specifically designed for it, incorrect. You either need a very specific push-through die (I’ve seen it once on YouTube, but never in person) or a custom die that has the bottom flared part cut and polished, so it sizes the full case (no die does that, but this is where Lee assumption comes from, if you are making one, it sizes a bit more of the case and you’d use Lee die to make it); or a case roller machine.

Primers, I have no idea what ‘set to auto’ means. Maybe they are crimped, and you will need to either chamfer or swage? Check the pocket to make sure there’s no crimp. Sounds like a bit of fud-lore though.

I assume, like any normal company that buys firearms in bulk/fleet, the guns will be covered by servicing and warranty. Which means they must use factory ammo to maintain warranty cover, in fact sometimes specific types too. If those are not once-fired - all bets are off.

I can say 100% brass fired in a glock and sized and loaded through a Dillon will gag a tanfog and a sti 1911 9mm. Run them through the factory crimp die and all good.

You can see the bulge in the brass from a glock with the naked eye. They have more of the case arse exposed when in battery.

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You are kind of talking about two things and only one solution, @Gregfiddich. Stand by, will break this out into a separate thread.

That’s how it was explained… You need a Dillon swage or something to remove the crimp, and they are crimped in for mp9s or something (I assume)

N.b. my reloading experience has not progressed past removing primers (or teaching the four year old to…) from my 38 and 357 brass but club president offered to loan me some sort of pass through press that will resize the whole 9mm case

I’ll try and get a couple of close up pics so you guys can play “guess the brand”


Factory win ammo.

Feed ramp goes into chamber.

Apologies lads I smashed my $1299 phone

Images from $299 phone attached

These are examples of the “once fired, auto primered, glock ruined” brass.

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@Mullmans - primers I understand, easy part, will do a separate thread on that.

100% can confirm - Dillon will make STI gag bad. Tanfog, no experience.

Depends on the severity. I am guessing, you don’t catch bad ones.

Here’s my collection of mild to wild bulged cases, for reference.

Saying it was fired in a Glock is a bit unfair though. You can get a bulge after firing it in any service handgun.

You can feel it most of the time with your fingers. Like I said, once fired you should be fine. Visually inspect, if you feel paranoid, run through FL die first - then use case gauge. If it passes, great, if not, do what @Gregfiddich does. If that fails, bin the case or get a case roller ($1500, investment, only worth it if you shoot at volume).

Haven’t seen any worse than the 3rd down. The bottom two, sheesh.

Fluted chambers are always cool too. Had a few of them show up.

CZ will handle it… As long as they are not visibly bulged. In fact, CZ will handle a case that fails case gauge by a millimeter or so.

I can’t say about the Tac sport but all the shadow range eat anything you give it.

No, @Gregfiddich - not anything LOL. They too have a limit.

Right so what you are saying is I need to get my Walther PDP so the TS2 can live in the safe?

Oh, that’s personal experience by the sounds.

I’m glad this was raised. I haven’t touched the pistols since November.


What I am saying is that you need to get PDP because holly crap it has the best trigger I felt on stock “tactical” guns. And I really like it and I have one in 22 lol. Yes, you need one.

I am also saying that your brass will be fine.

It’s on the list

I need a second mag for the buckmark + red dot
Two more mags and a holster for the TS2
A variable optic for the cz515
A couple of 15 round mags for the 515
An optic for the 308
A 10 round mag for the Lithgow 223
More ammo for everything

Then more guns