IPSC and magazines

So it just occurred to me, that for IPSC depending on a stage, but more or less one would want, say 4 magazines on them? So that’s like $400 give or take, is that correct and if it is, what the actual fuck! Like, there’s enough magazines on peoples’ belts to cost more than the actual firearm! WTF

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Which clubs do ipsc in melbourne do you know? :joy: hi jack and a half, but yeah i’ve often looked at peoples belt rigs i’ve seen kicking around, space age holsters, shooting clothes, shooting glasses, shooting watch, shooting shoes :joy:

Hijack? More like talkingshitjack :stuck_out_tongue: Most pistol clubs do IPSC, Springvale for instance, ranges 3 and 4 :wink:

Shooting glasses are a necessity when you are shooting 25m or 10m or there abouts from bullet trap…

So what like 10 bunnings safety glasses? Just like i see the dudes up at dtl with their shottys and sick tinted $250 glasses i can understand safety though semi auto firearms with brass flying all around the joint is a different kettle of fish i enquired up near me and all they do is olympic :roll_eyes: i assume they drink their tea pinky’s up too

Actually, no, brass is not really a concern. Glasses mitigate the risk of bullet fragments coming back from the trap.

I use Bunnings glasses LOL, but they are fully sick trendy type hehehehe. I also have this:

I think I’m going to see how the Beretta glasses go for handguns, i have a feeling they will be a lot better.

…and comes with stack of lenses, for various conditions, you just slap a new lens on, depending on the sun and whatever.

That’s funny as…

You shoot olympic don’t you mate :joy: haha sorry!

What you meant to say is, that you are jealous that I have cooler toys :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll let you look at it next time you’re over ROFL And give you a cookie. It will make you feel better.

Oh so your one of those glasses guys :joy: i’ve really put my foot in it tonight!

Back to magazines, belt + holster + magazine holders would undoubtedly be a few hundred dollars. Then say 3 magazines, that’s another $300 (assuming 2 come packaged with the firearm). Oh man! :frowning:

Have a look here and that will give you an idea of costs.

Best $100
Holster $75 to $314
Mag holders $75 each

Depending on what system you get.
Plus accessories and it soon adds up.

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Wha the actual FUCK! For that money, I will keep it in my jeans pockets!

I wonder if ordering from US would be more viable, hrmmmm.

If you know someone who is traveling back from there you might save some money

:confused: nope, unfortunately

They do have cheaper ones on that site but I guess it comes down to what you want.

This one is $45.

Yeah, one step at a time…

Lol, start with the gun and work your way out lol.

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@AusTac FYI this is Springvale - Range 3. Setting up course of fire, about 50% complete before my course last night.