Interesting pistol case.

While doing some reloading tonight I had a drama when a case got stuck and held up the works.
Have never seen one like this, looks like a new 9mm Magnum case :laughing:

Can anyone shed some light on it. The rim is the same size all the way around, just like a belted magnum case.

In appearance it looks like the .40 G&A Magnum from the 70’s, or a home made example of the .39 BSA Auto Pistol round of the 1920’s. Do you have a micrometer or good vernier calipers to measure the body ? Perhaps some one is playing around with the belted pistol case again and looking at using 9mm as the parent. Cheers.

This looks a lot like the Glock bulge. Google Glock bulge and you’ll get a lot of these…

I looked at the Glock bulge but this is different as the “belt” is uniform all the way around.

@no1mk3 I have measured the case and came up with;

Internal at the mouth 8.80mm 0.346.5
External at the mouth 9.66mm 0.380.5
External above the “belt” 9.69mm 0.381.5
Around the “belt” 10.15mm 0.399.5

Have you checked inside, that it is in fact belt and not bulge.

I did run a pick down the inside along the side and it is straight right to the base.

Sounds dodgy.

Pretty obvious its a belt. Square and sharp corners.

@Oldbloke for it to ‘obvious’ I would expect for you to have a baseline? Ye?

Here’s a bunch of glock bulge cases I collected from the range.

You’ll notice they vary in uniformity, consistency and how extreme the bulge is.

Occam’s razor, gentlemen, my money is on a bulge and not some unique ammo.

Note the op image shows very square edges. Not rounded like the bulged ones. Note even looks machined. My bet is case we have not seen before. Perhaps experimental?

If it was a bulge i would expect a groove.

One needs to think about the evidence in a logical fashion.

LOL, ye mate, experimental 30-0-9-short-magnum ROFL

Lol… Weeelll perhaps. Who knows. Good to see your catching on. :+1:

As we all know there has been truck loads of varients in design of ammo and firearms. And Im guessing a lot of it we have never seen.


No1’s theory looks good to me, plus we know he is actually a gun knowledge super computer.

Except it’s stamped 9x19

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Yeah well there is that, but that’s not as interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

The belt is uniform all the way around.
I have looked at dozens of photos and a heap of videos on the Glock bulge but none of them are uniform like this case.
It has a square ridge that runs al the way around just like every other belted magnum case that I have ever seen.

I have done some reading up and came across a few references to ammo being fired with the gun not being in full battery with results that look very similar to my case but more pronounce.

So this could be what they are, don’t know but it looks cool so I will stick it with my other collectables lol.

Looks pretty uniformed to me, first google search…

…just saying.

Yes but they are not pronounced and do they go all the way around?