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A butchers lobby group has sought police protection for its members after a series of attacks by vegans protesting speciesism in France.

Just saw this, Got to love those peace loving vegans :rofl:

A child fires a gun in an Ikea store in Indiana after it fell from a customer’s pocket while they were testing out a couch

Only in America

With Tasmania in the spotlight over it’s new firearm law amendments, Senator David Leyonhjelm has put something equally as important on the table: In other words, the same federal government that…

Ask any farmer and they’ll tell you that feral pigs need eradication because they carry disease and destroy crops. Unlike efforts to control other types of feral animals, there’s a growing subculture of people who enthusiastically do it for free.

You can’t make this shit up, love it!

Ms Hanson-Young claims he shouted “you should stop shagging men, Sarah” while a motion proposing pepper spray and tasers be legalised for the sake of women’s safety was being debated.

“After the motion was complete, I walked over to the Senator and confronted him directly,” Ms Hanson-Young informed the Senate later on Thursday.

"I asked whether I had heard him correctly. He confirmed that he had yelled ‘you should stop shagging men, Sarah’.

“Shocked, I told him he was a creep, and he told me to ‘f— off’.”

Mr Leyonhjlem did not return Fairfax Media’s request for comment, but the ABC reports he did not deny her claim when contacted, and confirmed that he would not be withdrawing the comments.

“However, I am prepared to rephrase my comments. I strongly urge Senator Hanson-Young to continue shagging men as she pleases,” he told the ABC.

Although, unfortunate, the motion was It was defeated… Quite pathetic actually.


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Brandishing their rifles, hundreds of worshippers pack a US church to celebrate their weapons as rods of iron that could have saved lives in the recent Florida school shooting.

I have a rod of iron!

thats what she said!

That is what she said!

French-made Speedline more like a semi-automatic, says Gun Control Australia

if you can afford one you should, just because Gun Lobby!
also email your local MP expressing your thoughts about the shotgun version too…

Screenshot from LNP politician’s Facebook page is sent to police by Greens candidate who said he received death threats

OMG Greenies offended by inanimate object!

What the…

Ma Baker rises again!!! :grimacing:

The old girl REALLY didn’t want to go to a home!!!

I’m thinking sonny should have listened to his mum.

She’ll be going into a care facility now!

A SPANISH public servant who skipped work for a decade without anyone noticing spent his free time running a male brothel and drawing erotic comics.

and still probably got more work done than the plebs in my shire council!