Info needed: Berika Black ops 12ga bolt action shotgun

Has anyone seen much about this?

“Berika Black ops 12ga bolt action shotgun” (straight pull)

I think I just found my new slug gun! OMG OMG OMG

I am excited!

I don’t even like shotguns! But… Oh my.

Looks a bit long though, 20" would be better.

Don’t you have a hacksaw

Wow! You are like the first one to make that joke.

that’s a sexy looking shotty and I want one. Sort of. Wondering if they can be switched from right to left hand.

It is good looking but will they allow it in the country? Looks very tactical.

Are you referring to Australia or WA? It’s yes and no respectively.

Yep Australia. Have not seen any or anything about them other than looking at their FB page and watching the clips there.

Apparently they sold out and some available in shops for fondling.

So we know what you will be doing tomorrow lol.

No, I am having a dry month.

LMAO, it’s not that I don’t believe you but…

It’s been 3 weeks, just ask @GUN-DMC - he’s been trying very hard to influence me.

Possibly 2 weeks, it’s all fuzzy now.

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That looks pretty good. In fact I love it, almost as much as the tards are gonna hate it!
@juststarting How much are they? Might be a better option than the m26…

You’d need a Facebook account lol but was shown for $1,200? I think

I’ve trimmed some posts. Let’s not agitate things. This is a public forum. There are private sections for some opinions. You know how I’m about united front.

I had a look at the link that GUN-DMC put up and it says that it is compliant in all states. I might have to check to see if it is OK for WA.

Dry month, dry month, dry month, dry month.