Info needed: Berika Black ops 12ga bolt action shotgun

It’s OK, only 28 days to go.

Use the loop hole. Place order now, buy/ pay later.

Barn has two available, but I backed out! 14 days to go!

Just when I was getting keen to get one of these they seem to have dissapeared from the market. anybody have any news.

What sparked my interest was I was in Trlleys last weekend in Sheapparton and the has a large range of straight putt shotguns. I am pretty sure you could get a double barrel off faster but after that the next few shots would be awesome.

They are being updated to comply with customs’ templates. Will be back allegedly, but they are RH only.

I can live with that although keeping your stronger hand on the grip and the trigger is often a better setup.

Like I said I was really impressed by the amount of stock that Trelleys had. Next time I am going up that way I will plan to have a lot more look and touch/ feel time. They really do have a lot of stuff from small knife sharpeners to big Bowie knives.

I just need more money to buy and house all the toys.

Well after I turned on the news and saw a GCA Muppet dribbling some shit I went into town and dropped a deposit and PTA for this bad boy!

I hope you are reading this & FUCK YOU GCA!


Mmmm sexy. Not the shotgun, ability to go to a shop that is.


There’s nothing more satisfying than buying something just because you’re told you can’t or shouldn’t, or in this case simply despite some stupid [email protected] retarded opinion.
Congrats mate!!

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Gun control driving sales that’s what i like to see!
Congrats mate, hopefully you will be reunited with her soon😁 every time I see one of these I want one with a Hera arms CQB stock on it🤤

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Okay, that is one of the best looking Cat As around.

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Mmm… Comes with 2 x 5 round mags and the lgs says they’ll have 10 round mags back in soon.

Have NSW banned this yet?

I think I need to get the GCA logo engraved in it when it comes.


Then send them a photo of it in your loving embrace.

You know it!